Pastor's Mid-Week Message

Friends of Faith,

Hundreds have been served through the efforts of Counter Balance ATX, Faith Presbyterian, and Wildflower U-U.  If you have been by the church you have seen families with children and a rainbow of humanity using our campus fully to help people get a foothold on their dismantled lives.   

It does my heart good to see people fed, clothed, and interacting with FEMA, SNAP, and AISD on our campus to start the long journey of putting their lives back together.  Thanks to Kathy Renfro, Dee Adams, and Brian Ferguson for putting so much into overseeing our property and relationships with volunteers during this time.  
Items being collected in Wright Fellowship Hall.

Meanwhile, we still have church activities to begin the church year.  Some of our members are still dealing with the health of their families during this time and due to that and unforeseen work conflicts, we need to postpone Rally Day until next week, September 14.  This will also give us a chance to get our campus back together.

So what will happen with this operation now?  We need to possibly still house agencies like FEMA, SNAP, and AISD for a few more days so those in Austin now can find those services in a strange city.  Brian and I are managing the wind down.  You may see some activity here for awhile and we may issue needs over e-mail as they come up.  Now unfortunately, we need to add to our prayers those affected by the next storms as well.

But please know you are thanked and we are grateful on behalf of those who have received help.  I started to make some notes the first day and quickly the number of those who gave exceeded what we could keep up with.  So thank you, thank you, thank you again.  Some of you have even welcomed evacuees into your homes and you have given money when you didn't have the time and/or ability.  All of it is greatly appreciated.  

This Sunday we will celebrate our new hymnals and thank Steve Hanson for the gift he has given us to buy all the hymnals for us.  And your dedication of hymnals has purchased the choir resources.  

The old hymnals will go to the First Presbyterian Church of Dickinson, Texas.  That church lost all their hymnals in the flooding of Hurricane Harvey.  We will need to keep them here until they have fully restored their sanctuary.  Mary Marcotte, Associate General Presbyter of New Covenant Presbytery (Houston area) says this is the most heavily damaged church that is well positioned to become a base of operations for an underserved community as it rebuilds.  

1990 Presbyterian Hymnals we are sending to FPC Dickinson
FPC Dickinson after the flooding of Hurricane Harvey.
FPC Dickinson begins the restoration.

Thank you as always for your generosity. Thank you for being a church where people can help people.  



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