• After AB 1482 became law, statewide rent and eviction controls will mean little or a lot, depending on a couple of variables.
  • Men and women in uniform are afforded increased tenant protections under state law.
  • For sellers of San Francisco multi-unit properties and brokers involved in these transactions, we add context to the newly minted Community Opportunity to Purchase Act.
From the desk of Daniel Bornstein
With the stroke of Governor Newsom's pen, many rental housing providers will now be exposed to rent and eviction controls once foreign to properties that have been thus far exempt from regulations.

Bornstein Law can accelerate the learning curve and help you reconcile a hodge-podge of local laws with the newfangled state rules to see where your properties fit in.

The consequences of AB 1482 will vary, and the equation to solve is whether rental units are already subject to more restrictive ordinances, putting a finger on the date when the first Certificate of Occupancy was issued.

We sank our teeth into the new law and provide an overview and some takeaways here .

While statewide rent and eviction controls have garnered the most attention and drowned out other news, a flurry of inked housing bills haven't made the front page, including added protections for tenants who wear the uniform of the armed forces. Our latest blog takes this on .

Finally, a local news outlet asked us to give our perspective on new regulations surrounding the sale of multi-unit properties. We are happy to oblige in this article .

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That's a weighty question and the answer can be found in the unique circumstances of the property. We provide a 360-degree view in this guide.
Already given deference under state law, military members are given still more protections by the latest round of housing bills enacted in a busy legislative session.

We were asked to chime in on COPA and do so in this article .
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