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Dear Friends,
This Sunday's Gospel, Jesus describes the kingdom of heaven as a mustard seed, as yeast, as a great pearl and as a net.  The 'kingdom of heaven' in Matthew (and its equivalent the Kingdom of God in the Gospel of Mark and Luke) is the way that the author's of those Gospels speak about God's coming reign.  Edward Schillebeecks, the theologian, says that the kingdom of heaven is "a process, a course of events, whereby God begins to govern or to act as king or Lord, an action, therefore, by which God manifests his being-God in the world of men."
What then, are we to make of the various ways that this coming reign is described in our scripture?  What is the author of the Gospel of Matthew trying to communicate to those who heard these words?  What do these words say to us today?  How might we describe the kingdom of heaven today if we were writing our own similes?  
Sarah and I look forward to sharing our thoughts with you during worship this week.  We'll offer a full 'conversational' sermon as part of the service posted online and a homily at our in person worship Sunday morning.    
In the meantime, I hope that this week offers a glimpse of the 'kingdom of heaven' and that you'll find a space for prayer, rest and inspiration.   
In Person Worship Registration for Sunday, July 26
Like last week, we're asking each participant in our in person worship to bring their own chair, bring a Book of Common Prayer (if you have one), keep physical distance from members of the community who are not members of your family and wear a mask.  When you arrive this week, look for landscaping flags marking seating spaces to help with physical distancing.   In order participate, each person will need to register by clicking the following link. Click Here to Register for Worship, Sunday July 26   
Registration allows for contact tracing in the event of a positive test and communication regarding any necessary changes.  For planning purposes, it is really helpful to us if you can register before Friday morning, but we will continue to accept registration up to Sunday morning.   
In registering for and attending this service, each participant is entering into our worship covenant. This covenant acknowledges our shared responsibility for one another and our agreement to abide by the outlined protocols in order to offer abundant hospitality and welcome.  The text of the covenant can be found at the conclusion of this announcement.    
Our online service of Morning Prayer on Sundays (available on our Facebook page beginning at 8:00 am) will continue to be our principal worship with a sermon and music. We'll also be continuing our online evening services Monday through Saturday at 8:00 p.m.  By offering this variety of services, we strive to serve as much of our community as possible.   
I continue to be thankful for your continued support and patience and ask for your prayers for our community and all its members.   
Our Worship Covenant
I promise to care for others by: staying home and worshiping online if I'm not feeling well, wearing a mask, and respecting that people's personal space is much larger than before.  I will also remember that what makes me feel safe, may not be the same for others and I will seek to be generous with this knowledge in my interactions.   I will seek to serve Christ in all persons by loving others in the ways listed above.
Resources for Sunday Worship   
1.  You can watch our Sunday Worship Service anytime after 8:00 a.m. this Sunday, July 26 by clicking here St John's Beverly Farms Sunday, July 26        
2.  Here is the Bulletin for Sunday's service.      July 26 Morning Prayer Bulletin 
3.  Here is the most updated Prayer List.   Most Recent Prayer List
B-Safe is Happening this Week! 

It's gonna look a lot different, but the team at B-SAFE has been working tirelessly to figure out how to create a corona virus-safe, FUN, math and reading intensive environment for the kids this summer.  Especially after months of not attending school, the fear is that the kids served by B-SAFE are falling even further behind.  

The biggest challenge is, of course, teaching while distancing.  This requires all sorts of extra resources - learning packets, technology etc.  The current plan is to have small groups on site for 1/2 days, and then have teens work with them remotely the other 1/2 day.  No field trips, no DEAR, no fun lunches together.

Through the generosity of the Special Christmas Offering, St John's has already committed to fund 2 teen counselors @ $2000, and donate an additional $1000 towards learning supplies. 

Additionally, on Monday July 27, and Tuesday July 28th, we will be delivering (at 11am) to St. Stephens in South Boston 65 "robust" bagged lunches that the kids will take home. 

As much as we all miss each other, and always have so much fun together in the kitchen together, we cannot.  At the most we will be 2 folks in the kitchen cooking (8-10am), plus 2 folks on opposite sides of Loring Hall assembling 65 bags.  You can help from your own kitchen, cutting up veggies, baking, and bagging up fruit etc. I can drive around and drop off and pick up....   We can do this!!!

So....   let me know how you'd like to help, and I'll create some sort of amazing spreadsheet....

Thanks everyone!  Stay safe!

978.857.1001 or lrb12@comcast.net 
Need a Forward Day by Day?

 The most recent Forward Day by Day (August, September, October) just arrived at St. John's.  Send a quick email to george@sjcb.org if you'd like us to drop one in the mail for you!   
Help Us Build Community
Summer is arriving and for many of us will be a very different season than we had planned. This is especially true for our youth who were looking forward to camp experiences and summer jobs that have melted away in the wake of COVID-19. Many people have reached out to us looking for ways to volunteer in our community. 
If you have errands, yard work, or other tasks that could use an extra set of hands (or many), we'd love to connect you to individuals who are hoping to help. Please email Sarah (sarah@sjcb.org) to get connected.  
Resources for Evening Worship    
During the Easter season, and the season after Pentecost, we'll be continuing Evening Worship Monday through Saturday at 8:00 p.m.   
We are praying Compline during the week and the Saturday evening service will be Evensong led by the music staff at St. John's.  If you have a Book of Common Prayer at home, Compline begins on page 127, and Evening Prayer on page 117.   
Sarah has also put together a bulletin for Compline (Monday-Friday) you can download here: Compline Bulletin   
Francie has put together a bulletin for Choral Evensong (Saturday) that you can download here: Evensong Bulletin 
Supporting St. John's financially during this time.     
We've heard from a number of you that you would like to continue to support St. John's financially during our time apart.  There are two easy ways to do it.   
First, you can mail a check to St. John's at Box 5610, Beverly Farms 01915.   
Second, you can give to St. John's online.  The blue link below will take you to an online giving site.  Administered through Vanco, giving through this site is similar to any online purchase.  You can make a one time gift or set up the monthly payments.    
Before you give you will need to create an 'Online Profile'.  The process is straight forward, but if you have any questions, our Bookkeeper, Blair Spofford, will be happy to walk you through or process individual payments.    You can reach Blair via e-mail at blair@sjcb.org.
We are truly grateful for your continued support.