Update - Special Edition
Alice Kuo, MD, FAAP President, AAP-CA2 
We have just been notified by national AAP that physicians are showing up to the detention centers and Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) shelters to volunteer. These facilities have asked that physicians please wait until there is a plan to accommodate them. Despite the good intentions of those on social media, the facilities are not prepared to accept them and put them to work just yet. UNICEF and national AAP will be issuing a statement soon, and we will pass that along as soon as we receive it.
If you are interested in volunteering either locally or at our borders, please let us know in the sections below (or on our website) and we will coordinate the efforts with you to make sure your skills are put to good use. We are also in the process of coordinating a training to become certified in performing forensic exams for asylum applications - please stay tuned for more details soon.
Thanks for all that you do for children and families in our chapter. 
Alice Kuo, MD, FAAP
President, AAP-CA2

Immigrant Health Initiative - IHI 

Advocating for Immigrant Children: Join the AAP-CA2 Immigrant Health Initiative!
Join the AAP-CA2 chapter Immigrant Health Initiative (IHI), a dynamic local network for advocacy, education and mentorship for chapter members caring for our diverse immigrant children. We have partnered with the national AAP Immigrant Health Special Interest Group to engage in national advocacy campaigns and share resources for promoting immigrant health.
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Forensic Examination - Pediatricians Needed 

There is a need for pediatricians who are able to perform forensic examinations for children's requests for asylum. Please let us know if you are interested in providing these exams and we will connect you to the appropriate legal entities. Click Here to sign up for this list. 
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