Update from ACT for Youth | November 2023

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The Update is back! We've been on hiatus for several months but we've been busy--we're back with a new look, new resources, and new leadership!

Meet our new director

Dear Community,

I am deeply honored to step into the role of Director of ACT for Youth. Though I am new to this role, I have been a part of ACT for Youth for twenty years, serving first as a member of the evaluation team and then as director of research and evaluation. I have always been passionate about promoting the health and well-being of youth, even – and perhaps especially – when this means addressing difficult topics such as mental health, violence prevention, and sexual health. It has been a true pleasure to work and learn alongside the ACT for Youth team and all of you for so many years. As director, I’m excited to bring my passion for adolescent development, translational research, and implementation science to all the ways we work with you. I look forward to continuing and expanding our connections with you, a community dedicated to the health and well-being of adolescents and young adults.

With gratitude,


Amanda Purington Drake

Director, ACT for Youth Center for Community Action

Meet the Team

Visit our new website!

Visit ACTforYouth.net!

Fully redesigned in collaboration with RMF Designs, the ACT for Youth website is an extensive clearinghouse of resources for adults who care about youth.

We are here to help you utilize the Positive Youth Development (PYD) approach, learn about adolescence and young adulthood, and provide effective programs that meaningfully engage youth.


Positive Youth Development

Explore the principles and practices of the PYD approach.

Positive Youth Development


Understand the tasks of adolescent development, risk taking and the brain, and how youth explore identity.

Learn about youth mental health, adolescent sexual development, and sometimes surprising youth statistics.

Adolescent  Development

Program Toolkit

Find resources to help you design programs with youth, engage youth meaningfully, and incorporate activities that promote social and emotional learning and preparation for adulthood into your programming.

Program Toolkit


Here you'll find ACT for Youth publications, training curricula, online trainings, and webinar recordings.

Resources from ACT for Youth

About our new look

Our new logo

In concert with our new website, we worked with Westhill Graphics to reimagine our look and logo. What's going on in the "O" of youth? That's our (admittedly subtle) reminder of the social spheres of interaction and influence affecting youths' lives, from the inner rings of family, friends, and peers through the environments like school, neighborhood, job, and faith community, out to larger societal structures and norms. It's our nod to Urie Bronfenbrenner's ecological model of human development, one of the foundations of positive youth development.

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