Dear Friends,

We are, without a doubt, facing trying times as the effects of the rapidly evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) situation ripple across nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Families and communities across the country are working together to overcome the anxiety and uncertainty brought on by the sudden and indefinite closure of schools and businesses. At AVANCE, our focus continues to be on supporting families and children with limited resources as they navigate the changes and challenges that are arising every day.
With school closures and social distancing requirements, many parents have to remain home with their children and are being asked to provide education and structured learning environments. While we wholeheartedly agree that children should continue to receive education and be engaged in quality learning environments, we also know that these demands can be challenging for parents. In line with our mission, we offer the following resources for parents with infants and toddlers so that they can continue to be their child’s first teacher and that the home is the first classroom. Here are a few helpful online resources offered in English and Spanish:

For a full list of resources for families, please visit our website: