The Day After...
Dear Friends,

Yesterday's devastating 7.2 earthquake rocked western Haiti with the epicenter only 32 miles from Bondeau. While very grateful no lives were lost in Bondeau, the entire region around Bondeau is deeply affected with at least 304 dead and around 1,800 more injured. The people of Bondeau are afraid to go back into their homes and buildings fearing collaspe (especially the damaged Guest House) as multiple aftershocks rock these already compromised buildings.

Now, Tropical Storm Grace is expected to reach Haiti Monday or Tuesday, bringing winds and heavy rain.

And yet... Pere Phanord (Priest in Charge at Bondeau) and the community are resolute in their faith and perseverance to go forward... not just to exist another day but with an unshaken faith that is remarkable and inspiring. Pere said yesterday in the midst of it all something that he has said so often, "God knows everything. We are here." with absolute confidence that God is taking care of the people of Haiti. 

We join our beloved partners in that faith and ask you to join with us in prayer for our brothers and sisters in Bondeau... for all of the affected... and help us respond with love and care in tangible ways.

Your donation helps us respond with funds for food, water, building repairs and continue all our ongoing programs of education and healthcare.
Please continue to pray also for Petit Trou, the partner community of The Colorado Haiti Project, a fellow organization. The epicenter was five miles from Petit Trou and reports have not yet come from there other than there are fatalities and devastation.
People search through the rubble of a hotel after the earthquake hit on August 14, 2021 in Les Cayes about 46 miles from Bondeau.