Dear Friends,

Together, we are in the center of a difficult and uncertain time in our communities. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the California Coalition for Youth (CCY) is committed to supporting youth, families, and youth allies 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week through our California Youth Crisis Line. CCY has been providing crisis support to California's Youth for almost 40 years and we've found that our services are needed now more than ever.

As an essential communication system for California's youth experiencing homelessness, runaway youth, and youth/families experiencing crisis, CCY is hearing firsthand how this pandemic is causing mental, physical, and emotional challenges to our state's most vulnerable population.

Our top priority is to continue being a resource and service to our community through our California Youth Crisis Line. Our well-trained staff of dedicated volunteers and crisis counselors are still available 24/7 by calling or texting (800) 843-5200 or online through our chat portal via www.calyouth.org/chat/ .

Our staff and volunteers are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by listening to young people's concerns, helping youth navigate their own personal crises, and providing youth and families with the coping skills and resources needed to get them back on track.

During these times we must band together and support one another as best as we can. Please visit our website, www.calyouth.org, to learn more about CCY and our California Youth Crisis Line.

If you know a youth or family in crisis please encourage them to call or text our free-to-use 24-hour Crisis Line at: (800) 843-5200 or chat with us online at: www.calyouth.org/chat/ .

Thank you for your continuous support for our state's youth and thank you for supporting CCY.

With Grace, Peace & Love,
Jevon Wilkes
Executive Director
How is CCY supporting youth and famlies in crisis through COVID-19?
Advocating for Our Youth

CCY is tirelessly advocating for the inclusion of California's vulnerable youth populations in legislative efforts surrounding COVID-19 relief.

We are continuously putting forth the effort to make sure our youth's voices are heard, even during these challenging times.

Please provide information on how you or your organization is being affected by COVID-19 through the button below.
California Youth Crisis Line

Our California Youth Crisis Line can connect youth and families in crisis with their local resources for food, shelter, counseling, or more - we have a California database with thousands of resources available.

As more and more COVID-19 information is released, CCY will be monitoring new resources that are being created to ease the difficulties on our youth and families being caused by this pandemic.

If you or a youth or family you know needs help during this time, please call or text our California Youth Crisis Line at (800) 843-5200 or through our online chat at calyouth.org/chat/ .
These are challenging times, however we are heartened by how communities across the State and Nation are banding together to help one another. Below are resources you can access immediately and could be helpful when trying to find food, information, shelter, and more.
For all guidance and state information regarding COVID-19 visit: https://www.covid19.ca.gov/  
Food Pantries

Our Nation's food pantries are staying open to provide meals throughout the pandemic with some providing curbside options. Feeding America has a nationwide network of food pantries that can be found on their website.
Local Health Departments

Your Local helath department may offer additional support and information through the COVID-19 pandemic. The National Association of County and City Health Officials created an user-friendly directory of local health departments.
California Youth Crisis Line
CCY's California Youth Crisis Line is accessible via texting or calling (800) 843-5200 or by online chat at www.calyouth.org/chat . We have a database of thousands of local resources that we can connect you to.

The mental health symptoms of the COVID-19 pandemic are just as important as the physical symptoms. Our lines of communications are open to you 24/7. We're here if you need to talk.