Dear Cruise Abaco Family,

We wanted to give you an update, while this has been extremely challenging time for all, Mark was able to get to Abaco on a private boat and do an assessment. The community of Abaco are working hard on the clean up and rebuilding will begin soon. Roads are open and they are working hard at the airport to restore commercial flights.

Many of our Haitian staff and their wives and children had to evacuate to Nassau to the gymnasium there for shelter, food and water. We are in the process of trying to secure shelter in Abaco to bring them back and try to get some stability back in their lives and of course kids back in school. 

We have a place in Dundas town Marsh Harbour that needs a roof and new drywall etc... that can house at least 10 of our staff so we will be working hard on trying to get this accomplished soon.

In the meantime our Captains will be working hard to help us deliver boats, and other tasks we have to rebuild Cruise Abaco back to where we were as we are all ABACO STRONG! Many of the businesses are trying to open and some have, truly amazing!

We and the staff cannot thank you enough for all the donations you have given and this will go along way to help us get their feet back on the ground, one step at a time.
Please plan to come to Abaco, we will all welcome you with open arms and warm hearts!

Thank you so very much and we will continue to update and have pictures as well to keep you all in our loop! 

Captain Mark & Patti Gonsalves
Proud Owners of Cruise Abaco