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April 2017

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2017 has been off to a busy start for DKT, as we continue to register contraceptive products in new countries as part of our regional expansions in Francophone West Africa and Latin America. These expansions are integral to our mission to increase access to contraception worldwide as well as our commitment to providing 10 million incremental CYPs by the end of 2020. As always, our mission is to provide a full range of contraceptive options to ensure that every woman has access to an affordable contraceptive that works for her.

Read on to learn how we calculated our impact in 2016, how we are using digital media to raise awareness of contraceptive options in Egypt, and how we are engaging the transgender community in Brazil.

Christopher Purdy
2016 Impact and Results

Every year, DKT uses the number of products sold in each country to calculate the number of CYPs we generate and our contribution to each country's modern contraceptive prevalence rate, among other metrics. Using our finalized 2016 sales report, which consolidates data from the 33 countries where DKT had a sales presence this past year, we can calculate that as an organization DKT generated 33 million CYPs total in 2016-an increase of 3 million over 2015. This was made possible through the sale of over 600 million condoms, 88 million cycles of oral contraceptives, and 5 million IUDs, among other products. Using this information and the most current contraceptive use data available from DHS, we estimate that DKT provided contraception to 47% of contraceptive users in the DRC, 34% of users in Ethiopia, and 28% of users in both Ghana and the Philippines.

Stay tuned for next month's newsletter, when our health impact data will be available. This data, which is made possible by MSI's Impact 2 calculator, provides an estimate of the number of unwanted pregnancies, unsafe abortions, and maternal mortalities we averted in 2016. 
Marketing Emergency Contraception in Egypt

 DKT launched a bilingual website dedicated to explaining EC

Market research shows that just over 7% of women in Egypt have heard of emergency contraception, a safe and effective method to help prevent pregnancy that can be taken for up to 120 hours after unprotected sex. In order to raise awareness of this key contraceptive method, the DKT Egypt team created and launched this bilingual website to engage young Egyptian women. The theme of the website is "Don't let crises determine your destiny", and the goal is to empower women both to choose emergency contraception when they need it and to plan ahead and purchase emergency contraception in case of contraceptive failure. 

It is our hope that online platforms that can be easily shared on social media will help increase awareness of methods that are not frequently discussed. 
Reaching the Trans Population in Brazil

DKT continues to focus on HIV/AIDs prevention, especially for marginalized populations that are at increased risk for contracting HIV/AIDS or face barriers to accessing care. DKT Brazil recently participated in the "Terça Trans " festival in São Paulo,  one of the largest celebrations for transgender Brazilians of all ages. DKT handed out condom samples and provided free HIV, syphilis, and hepatitis tests, and referred interested individuals to clinics for follow-up care.

DKT Brazil distributes condoms and offers STI testing at festivals
DKT Brazil conducted other "Blitz" campaigns to distribute condoms and offer STI tests in cafes, bars, and nightclubs across São Paulo.
New Condom Ad in Indonesia

This Sutra condom ad emphasizes that using a condom  doesn't
 make sex less pleasurable

DKT Indonesia recently released this television spot showcasing their Sutra condom line. The theme of the video is the tradeoff couples feel they are making between pleasure and safe sex when they decide whether to use a condom. Our message is that by choosing Sutra condoms, couples can enjoy both safety and pleasure. A key component of most of DKT's messaging worldwide is that condoms can enhance, rather than detract from, intimacy and sexual pleasure, and that open communication about sex and contraception brings couples closer together. 
Social Marketing Webinar: High Impact Practices

Finally, we'd like to invite any interested readers to join the Social Marketing High Impact Practices webinar that
will be held on Thursday, April 13 th from 9:30-10:30am ET. DKT Senior Program Advisor True Overholt will present information on DKT's unique approaches to social marketing alongside leaders from FP2020 and PSI. Registration is open to the public.

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2016 Impact and Results

Marketing Emergency Contraception in Egypt

 Reaching the Trans Population in Brazil

New Condom Ad in Indonesia

Social Marketing Webinar: High Impact Practices

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