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January 2017

Dear Friend of DKT,

I am pleased to report that DKT delivered a record-breaking 33 million CYPs in 2016-- a 10% increase over 2015. We are in the process of double-checking our numbers and will publish our final results as soon as we can.

With the beginning of a new US presidential administration, international family planning is more important than ever. The reinstatement of the global gag rule, which prevents foreign NGOs that receive US government funding from providing abortion-related counseling or services, is a serious blow to women's health around the world and will prevent millions of women from accessing family planning and HIV prevention services. In light of this policy, contraceptive social marketing is more critical than ever. At DKT, we remain dedicated to reaching underserved communities, and while we expect 2017 to be a challenging year, we also expect to see progress.

Christopher Purdy
DKT Delivered 33 Million CYPs in 2016
 DKT delivered 33 million CYPs in 2016 

Our CYP results for 2016 are in-DKT provided 33 million CYPs (Couple Years of Protection), a unit which represents the supply of contraceptives needed to prevent pregnancy for one year. This makes 2016 our best year yet, with a 10% increase in CYPs over 2015. We attribute these results to the hard work of our in-country teams, and their emphasis on launching innovative strategies to reach more women with family planning. We look forward to building on this momentum in 2017 to ensure that more women gain access to contraception and safe abortion.

We also want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of our partners and supporters who make our success possible. We are grateful to work with you. 
What the Global Gag Rule Means for Women

The Global Gag Rule, an executive order recently issued by the new U.S. administration, has far-reaching consequences for women around the globe. The policy prohibits foreign NGOs from discussing abortion options with clients or risk losing federal funding. Unfortunately, this policy has consequences that extend far beyond abortion, and will cause millions of women to lose access to family planning, HIV prevention, and cancer screenings. Population Action Institute recently released this resource that breaks down the impact of the policy.

DKT President Chris Purdy was recently interviewed by Devex to discuss the consequences of the global gag rule on global health. In the interview, Purdy discusses the gag rule's potential impact on Family Planning 2020 and the wider international family planning community.
Reaching Youth in the Democratic Republic of Congo

DKT trains young adults to serve as peer educators in the DRC
Young people deserve accurate information on sexual and reproductive health. When young people have access to sex education and reproductive health services, they are able to complete their education and plan their futures.

Batela Lobi Na Yo ("Protect Your Future") is a DKT youth program that provides reproductive health and services to teens and young adults in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As part of the program, DKT trains interested young adults to serve as youth ambassadors and peer educators on contraception and sexual health issues. DKT also organizes and sponsors concerts, festivals, and other youth-friendly events. Peer educators attend these events and provide referrals to DKT clinics. A recent concert in November attracted over 3,000 teenagers, 600 of whom met with our staff of family planning counselors on site or were referred to a clinic. 
Celebrating Sales in New Countries 

DKT began selling contraceptives in 9 new countries this past year, including Iran, Senegal, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Gabon, Guatemala, Venezuela, El Salvador, and the Dominican Republic. As most of the year was spent laying the groundwork for operations in these countries, sales volumes were relatively modest. We expect to pick up momentum in these countries and commence operations in additional territories in 2017. 
Marketing Condoms in Pakistan
This DKT condom ad was banned by Pakistani authorities

Contraception is a sensitive subject in many countries, but that doesn't stop DKT from trying to raise awareness of safe sex options. In Pakistan, DKT uses social media and television ads to advertise contraception. Two of DKT's recent Josh condom ads were just banned by Pakistani officials- you can check them out on our YouTube channel


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DKT Delivered 33 Million CYPs in 2016

What the Global Gag Rule Means for Women

 Reaching Youth in the Democratic Republic of Congo 

Celebrating Sales in New Countries in 2016

Marketing Condoms in Pakistan

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