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May 2017

DKT: Social Marketing for a Better World
Dear Friend of DKT,

There are fewer choices in one's life more profound than the decision to have a child. How many children to have, or whether to have children at all, is a decision that deeply affects each couple, their communities, and the societies in which we all live.

DKT's role in supporting these choices is the main feature of this month's newsletter. Our newly released 2017 Annual Report highlights DKT's work and can be found here. In addition, we are very proud to announce a major new partnership with Ipas in which DKT will assume global distribution and marketing of the Ipas Manual Vacuum Aspiration technology. DKT innovation also shines through in two stories from our work in DR Congo and Mexico. In DRC, DKT's distribution arsenal now includes a boat which sails the Congo river selling contraceptives. In Mexico, DKT has recently launched three new contraceptives and is expanding its 'DKT Red' network of clinics. 

We are excited about our new developments, and are always happy to answer questions should you have them. Feel free to reach out to us at and we will get back to you.

Christopher Purdy
2017 Annual Report

We are excited to share our 2017 Annual Report, which highlights DKT's progress and impact over the past year.  DKT provided more than 33 million CYPs, a 10% increase over 2015.  Our work averted 7 million unplanned pregnancies, 14,600 maternal deaths, and 4.7 million unsafe abortions.  We are especially proud of our regional program in West Africa, which has made significant headway with sales in Senegal, Cote d'Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, and Gabon.  Similarly, our regional expansion in Latin America picked up steam, with sales in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Venezuela, and El Salvador. A few of our newer programs hit their stride this year to deliver their best years yet for health impact, including Iran, Myanmar, Pakistan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

2016 was DKT's best year yet for health impact

DKT Becomes Exclusive Global Distributor of Ipas MVA Kit

DKT recently signed an exclusive partnership with Ipas to license the Ipas Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) technology for global distribution. The Ipas MVA kit is the world's most utilized technology for surgical abortion and is currently distributed in over 100 countries. This partnership will enable DKT to provide or facilitate access to safe and high-quality family planning and abortion care in countries where it is not restricted, including countries where DKT does not currently have a program.

DKT will handle all manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and regulatory oversight of MVA kits, and work closely with Ipas to provide training and education for providers to ensure that they have the capacity to use this technology. Ipas and DKT are both deeply committed to increasing access to safe abortion, and we are excited for the opportunity to further this important cause.

Read the press release announcing the new partnership between Ipas and DKT to learn more. 

DKT Mexico Adds 3 Contraceptives to Portfolio, Expands Clinic Network
DKT partners with doctors across Mexico, including Dr. Arriega (above) of Mexico City

2017 has been a period of rapid growth for DKT's program in Mexico.  We just started selling three new family planning products: the Jadelle Implant, a one-month injectable contraceptive, and an oral contraceptive pill.  We are also expanding our sales into new countries: the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Venezuela, and Guatemala.

DKT Mexico continues to expand its DKT Red network, partnering with doctors at existing clinics to provide them with affordable contraceptives and technical support. We currently support over 120 doctors in states across Mexico. We recently launched a DKT Red website  for prospective patients to access information about different contraceptive methods available and locate a clinic near them. 

10 Ways Technology Can Advance     Family Planning

Contraceptive social marketing has come a long way in its 30+ years of delivering family planning products. In this post for Philanthropy News Digest, Chris Purdy reflects on the way technology has increased awareness of and access to contraceptives. Unsurprisingly, social media is increasingly being harnessed to share information about sexual health, especially with young people. Several DKT programs have effectively harnessed social and digital media to reach youth, including our programs in Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Contraceptives by Boat in the DRC
DKT's DRC team sails down the Congo River to deliver contraceptives

DKT's program in the Democratic Republic of Congo recently purchased a boat in order to expand its contraceptive sales into the far reaches of the Congo river. This sales expansion is in tandem with the expansion of the "Batela Lobi Na Yo" youth program to increase access to and understanding of family planning in new provinces, including Equateur, North Kivu, Kassai, and Badundu. These efforts are supported by media campaigns on  Facebook  and  YouTube .

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2017 Annual Report

DKT Becomes Exclusive Global Distributor of Ipas MVA Kit

DKT Mexico Adds Three Contraceptives to Portfolio, Expands Clinical Network

10 Ways Technology Can Advance Family Planning

Contraceptives by Boat in DR Congo

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