Message from Doug Burke
President ACE Tennis

March 24, 2020
Dear all,

It appears that the Academy closure may continue for an undetermined period of time. To facilitate our customers at this time, we have decided on the following:


  1. For those on the instalment plan, we have not processed the final instalment of your fees (March 15th).
  2. As you are aware, we previously notified you that we would be extending the academy year to the last week of June, in order to cover the closure for this week (Mar 23 - 29th). This is still in effect. 
  3. As we continue to lose subsequent weeks, we will figure out the application of your balance towards remaining weeks, and consider credits towards the summer season if applicable.  


  1. For the Progressive stream, we are hoping that we will be back in operation for the start of the spring session. We will keep you informed of any changes.
  2. As you are aware, things evolve and change rapidly. If we need to cancel the remainder of the winter session, then the following will apply: For Ace Toronto players this is a 4-week period. For Ace Burlington players this is a 5-week period. At the end of this session, we will assess the lost time and refund you accordingly.

Trusting that everyone is staying safe!

Your truly,

Doug Burke