Dear Hilton Head Prep Community,

As I write this letter, I hope every member of the Prep Community is safe and sound. It is difficult to even begin to get our arms around the challenge we have faced, let alone the challenges that yet remain. I have found myself thinking back on the last letter I wrote in Perspectives. I would like to include some of it here. I wrote –

“I want to thank the Administration for their leadership and example they set.
I want to thank the Staff for their hard work and dedication to Prep.
I want to thank the Faculty for their diligent preparation and heartfelt interactions with the students.
I want to thank Parents for working with Prep to provide the great education we both agree is paramount.

It is not by chance that Prep is where it is today. It is the result of hard work and belief in fundamental principles that guide everything we do. I am so pleased with where we are going and can’t thank everyone enough for all that they do.”

I certainly had no idea of the peril to come when I wrote those words, but those words express to me the great strength we have within the Prep Community. In appreciating each other’s vital contributions to the Community we have built, we have laid the foundation that supports us and gives us comfort in this storm. We all understand that educating our children is the primary concern, yet we now more than ever understand how crucial everyone’s role is in this shared endeavor. Our ability to respond to these and future challenges is powered by our respect and admiration for each other. At a time when society sometimes struggles to understand we are all in this together, at Prep we have been consistently doing this important work, and as a result we are all the stronger as we face an uncertain future together.
I can never say thank you enough to everyone who helps make Prep what it is. I hope everyone knows that Prep is here as a resource, as you all have been a resource to Prep. We have understood that we can do none of this alone. Times like these can act as clarifying moments. I have never been more proud to be associated with Hilton Head Prep and know that we can meet any challenge together.

My thoughts are with you,
Eric Wojcikiewicz
Chairman, Board of Trustees


Dear Hilton Head Prep Community,

During these uncertain times, I feel it is important for Hilton Head Prep to provide consistency and support to our school community. Together we will overcome the challenges ahead. While recognizing the financial hardship many of our families will experience and the possible impact on our overall enrollment, the Board of Directors has made the decision to proceed into the 2020-2021 school year with optimism and a desire to continue in a thoughtful, positive direction.

We want you to know that Hilton Head Prep families are our top priority. We will continue to support our school community by providing assistance where possible. Please continue to communicate with us on how we can help your family. As with many small businesses in our area, we have spent considerable time re-evaluating our budget for the upcoming school year. Although we anticipate some short-term challenges, we will stay focused on our core mission: Hilton Head Prep will continue to provide our students with an exceptional educational experience in a safe, nurturing environment.

As such, our intention is to move forward with several modest projects already set in place, which will benefit the arts and sciences and result in an increase of course options, reduce class sizes, and improve the overall student experience at Prep. The timing of these current projects may be adjusted based on various factors.

Prep will continue to use the “distance learning” method of instruction while the order is to “stay-at-home.” We understand this is not the ideal way for students to learn, however teachers, students, and families have adapted well under the circumstances. We are proud of the way the community is continuing to thrive regardless of the change in the environment.
In the meantime, Prep continues to move forward with planning and implementing the most up-to-date curriculum and training for all subjects and divisions. The positive aspect of our current situation is the use of added technology within our instruction. When we return to school, technology will continue to be used to enhance the “in-class” experience and make us stronger as both educators and learners.

We are in this together. Thank you for your patience through the learning curve as we have all adapted to where we are today. We can only hope that through these challenging times Hilton Head Prep will propel into a stronger, more caring, and more supportive community. No one could have predicted how 2020 would begin, nor how it will end. All we know is that we are moving forward in education. Our environment may have changed, but our mission has not.

Thank you for partnering with Prep in your child/children’s education.

Jon A. Hopman