A Publication of the JL POA Chronicle
Please Remember the Following are Closed :

  • The JL Dog Park
  • South Rec Center
  • Bocce Ball Courts
  • JL Golf Course
Please be alert when using the promenades with your golf cart. Walkers and joggers often use these paths with ear devices and cannot hear an approaching golf cart. Please slow down when approaching an owner or guest walking or biking on the path. Don't forget to maintain a safe distance from others.
We remind all JL owners that if you have not already done so, please contact ADT at 1-(800) 878-7806 to schedule your alarm conversion. ADT technicians have appropriate clothes and masks for the service work to be performed and can schedule with you upon your request.
Congratulations on the following officers selected to the
2020 JL POA Board of Directors:

  • Donna Harran - President
  • Bill Gould - Vice President
  • Katherine Wunder - Secretary
  • Bernie Halligan - Treasurer
  • Michael Murphy - Director