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May 22, 2019 

Letter from LEF Executive Director Lyda Kuth

Dear Filmmakers, Colleagues, and Friends,
I am writing to share the news that Sara Archambault, our LEF New England Program Director for many years, will be leaving LEF to explore new opportunities. I am deeply grateful for her insight and partnership in shaping our work locally and regionally. Her heartfelt commitment to the New England film community has brought the kind of value that isn't possible to quantify. I look forward to seeing how her talent and passion for independent film shapes this next chapter for her professionally, and I know that she will continue to positively impact communities and influence artists.
The good news is that Sara will continue to program and be a presence at the DocYard for the coming 2019-2020 fall/spring season. And she will continue in her role as Program Director at LEF through the end of the Foundation's fiscal year, June 30, 2019.
Sara's departure comes in tandem with my own desire to pause and reflect on the philanthropic vision for LEF New England and support for filmmakers going forward.

Since its inception, LEF New England has been an expression of my values and desire to build the field of documentary film and filmmakers regionally. To the extent possible, I can assure you that no dramatic changes will take place in the short term. We will continue grant making, and we have no plans to suspend grants in the coming year. Genevieve Carmel will be your contact for any grant-related questions ( gen@lef-foundation.org). 
However, I do envision an evolution in my funding strategy, and I will be talking with family board members and advisors who know me and LEF New England well to help me thoughtfully and effectively craft this next chapter. As we move forward in planning, we will provide updates to the field, and on our website, www.lef-foundation.org.
I thank you all for your support and partnership over the years, and it is my hope that we will continue to build off the vision that we share.
Best wishes, 
Letter from LEF Program Director Sara Archambault

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
After 10 years at the LEF Foundation, I am stepping down as Program Director and will be transitioning into Producing full-time. As a native Rhode Islander and filmmaker, it has been an honor to serve the New England filmmaking community in so many ways - from launching new films, sustaining your work, and creating a space to convene and share in this fight to do meaningful work in the place we love best.
I owe thanks to so many. First, to LEF's fearless leader, Lyda Kuth - her example of generosity, responsive leadership, and risk-taking are influences I take with me. To my compatriots in arms over the years - Gen Carmel, Nellie Kluz, Kathryn Ostermeier  - you were the best wing women I could have ever hoped for. To my colleagues from festivals, philanthropy, and artist support - thank you all for open doors, new perspectives, and countless inspirations.
Finally, to the New England filmmaking community, folks I've dreamt with and fought hard for, I will miss you most of all. Experiencing the creative evolutions of so many artists over the last 10 years has been a distinct joy and a privilege.
I am proud of the many contributions I've made to this community and to LEF during my tenure here. The DocYard is but one of them, and I will continue programming the series into the next year (come see me for some fantastic nonfiction cinema and a drink!).
For the coming months, my focus will be on the portfolio of documentary films I am  producing , work that is feeding me in new and deeply satisfying ways. Then, the road is open. See you on the next stop along the way!
Warmest hugs,

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A pri LEF Logo vate family foundation dedicated to the support of contemporary arts, LEF was established in 1985 with office s in Massachusetts and California. The Moving Image Fund was launched in 2001 through the LEF office in Cambridge, MA to support independent film and video artists.  Since its inception, the Moving Image Fund has supported over 300 independent filmmaker projects with approximately $4,000,000 in funding. The goal of LEF New England is to fund the work of independent film and video artists in the region and broaden recognition and support for their work locally and nationally.
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