July 28, 2015 

As children, we are often excited about "growing up" and its incumbent privileges, doing our best to act and look older. At some point, however, many of us begin to rue aging, and its perceived limitations. 


Aging's impact on the mind and body are directly related to the mindset with which one approaches it. Having good coping skills and a positive attitude impact positively on longevity. In one study*, those with a more optimistic outlook on aging lived, on average, 7.5 years longer than those who viewed aging more negatively. 


One in eight people are 65 and older, and it is predicted there will be one in five by 2030. Those 85 and older represent the most rapidly growing segment of the elderly population. Supporting healthy aging is critical.


*Journal of Personal Soc Psychol. 2002 Aug;83(2):261-70 Levy BR1, Slade MDKunkel SRKasl

Take Action and Get Positive Results 
It is never too late to introduce self-care to maximize positive aging.  We cannot stop the aging process. However, our actions can have a clear impact on the quantity and quality of life we have in us.  
  • Connect with family and friends
  • Stay mentally active
  • Exercise
  • Have fun and remember to laugh
  • Work or volunteer- it keeps you active and ensures a purpose
  • Don't smoke; it is never too late to stop
  • Embrace the wisdom, skills and freedom that come with aging
  • Incorporate mindfulness into your daily practice
  • Learn new ways to effectively manage stress

At Core Counseling, you can pursue Mind-Body Wellness through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness and other therapeutic techniques. To find out more or to schedule an appointment, call me at Core Counseling, LLC: 201.875.5699. Experience a comfortable, private and confidential environment with an atmosphere of encouragement, optimism and compassion.

Together we can find solutions to your core issues.  "You are never too old to set another goal or dream another dream." C. S. Lewis

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