Update from NAGA Alberta

May 7, 2021

Dear Golf Industry Partners / Key Stakeholders,

As to be expected, there have been a number of questions asked today about the new protocols coming into effect on Sunday, May 9th at 11:59 pm. As you should already be aware, golf is included in the outdoor sports and recreation protocols limiting participation to members of the same household; or if living alone, to two close contacts.

To our understanding, the following should be followed when booking tee times:

  • Each tee time must only be populated with members from the same household or a member who lives alone with their designated two close contacts.
  • Many groups will be twosomes (couples from same household) or threesomes (single with two close contacts).
  • Some families will be able to fill out a foursome.
  • Some singles who do not live alone, will play as singles. 
  • In other words, single golfers living alone can designate up to two other single golfers who live alone or a single golfer living alone can designate two golfers of one other household to play with.

It is also our understanding that driving ranges also fall under the outdoor sports and recreation protocols and therefore golfers should be pre-booking before visiting the range either:

  • alone,
  • with members of their same household,
  • or a person living alone with up to two (2) people that they have ongoing contact with.

As an operator, it is your obligation to inform your members and guests of these regulations and it is the golfer’s responsibility to follow these regulations. A reminder as well that with all of the recent changes to protocols, you may need to update your safety plan to reflect the new enhanced safety measures.
We strongly urge all golf courses to continue to remain vigilant as the safety of staff and guests remains our utmost priority and we ask that all facilities do their part to adhere to all AHS guidelines.

In today's press conference, Premier Kenney, when responding to a media question on golf, offered a glimmer of hope for the industry. Please know that NAGA Alberta continues to work hard advocating the Government on your behalf and will continue to update you on any progress being made.
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

Erica Beck
Regional Director, NGCOA Canada
President - NAGA Alberta
Robert Rousselle, Executive Director, PGA of Alberta
Phil Berube, CEO, Alberta Golf
Jennifer Cox, President, CSCM – Alberta Chapter
Terri Solodan, Executive Director, AGSA