October 10, 2020

Good morning, Parents/Guardians:

When we developed our Reopening Plan this past summer, we knew we would need to be flexible and we also knew the plan would need to change and adapt to the conditions around us. We are fortunate that in Cuyahoga County over the past two months conditions have not only stabilized, but improved.

Therefore, in an effort to meet the educational, social and emotional needs of our students, at the Board meeting Thursday evening, I presented a revision to the District’s plan. On October 26, we will return to five days of in-person learning for preschool through eighth grade. Those parents who do not wish for their child to return to five days a week in-person instruction will continue with the same remote instruction the student has been receiving.

With the return to five days a week, the District will follow the CDC recommendations of social distancing at 3 - 6 feet, mask wearing by all students and staff and continual cleaning of touch points on surfaces throughout the buildings.  

Students in grades 9-12 will continue to be in the Blending Learning Phase with the exception of special needs units. However, students will attend school on an alternate day basis, five days a week, including Mondays. For example, students who have been attending on the A - K days would attend the first week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and students who have been attending on the L - M days would attend on Tuesday and Thursday. The next week it would change to L - Z students attending on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and so on. When students do not attend in-person, they will continue to log in to the classroom remotely via Zoom or Google Meet. 

CLICK HERE to read the presentation which explains our plan.

On Monday, parents of students in grades K-8 will be receiving an email asking them to declare how they will have their child receive instruction for the entire second quarter. This will need to be completed by Wednesday, October 14 to allow us time to prepare our staffing for the change on October 26. Because the only change in grades 9 - 12 is that students will now attend either in person or virtually five days a week, students will remain either in the Traditional Learning Plan or the Remote Learning Plan for the second quarter. No changes will be made at this time.

Because students will be attending school five days a week, either virtually or in person, there will be no need to adjust the 2020-21 school calendar.

In the coming days we will be revising our Reopening Plan with this current information. Information about this and other Covid-19 related information can be found on our District website at www.northroyaltonsd.org.

As always, we will continue to communicate with our school community.

Have a great weekend.

Greg Gurka