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Dear OM Foundation & Team Jake Family,
It's been an incredible year so far!  In March, HarperCollins launched the paperback version of my memoir, One More Step.  In May, we hit an all time high at the OC Marathon raising over $40,000 -- twice the amount we raised last year!  And, in June we headed to Africa to visit Juliana and launch the new therapy center at Faraja Foundation. 
Hundreds of Team Jake runners kick off the race at the 2016 Orange County Marathon.
May 1st, 2016 marked the 10th anniversary of Team Jake at the OC Marathon. The Robert family was joined by hundreds of Team Jakers volunteering, raising funds and competing in the Team Jake Challenge. We are incredibly grateful to all of you who helped make this event so memorable.  

Steve & Alison Robert receive the OC Marathon Hall of Fame Award.

We were also excited to learn that Steve & Alison Robert were inducted into the Orange County Marathon's Hall of Fame. What an honor!  Read More Here.

Bonner, the OMF Team and the children of Faraja Primary School
We headed to Tanzania to dedicate the new Team Jake Center at  Faraja Primary School.  We are so proud to support these amazing kids & school and partner with our wonderful friends at Faraja Foundation.
Candas, Mike, Juliana, Bonner & Tyler

We were also excited to spend so much time with Juliana.  She continues to defy all that has happened to her. To think, she wasn't able to attend school until recently and now she will be graduating this Nov!  We are so proud to support her on her journey. Her smile lights up more than Africa. It has changed so many people in this world for the better. Thank you to everyone who has supported Juliana and our efforts in Africa. Catch a glimpse of Juliana here: Video 1 of 2  Video 2 of 2.

Cassar Family Foundation donated $60,000 to OM Foundation (OMF)
We are incredibly g rateful to the generous Ultimate Superfoods family and their foundation. This will go a long way in helping more awesome kids! Thank you Cassar Family Foundation for donating the proceeds from your annual charity event. We are honored to be this year's recipient.  


Edrington donated $50,001
When amazing people surprised us with this huge donation... I honestly was speechless and humbled beyond measure. Such an awesome trip to be with the Edrington family and feel so much love.  This is what it's all about in life! Grateful for all of you who made this happen. I'm still smiling ear to ear.


Here's your chance to join Bonner in a 40 mile ride on October 1st at the Westlake Village Century. If you'd like to ride and raise funds for Team Jake, Register on our Team Jake Challenge website AND   Register For the Ride!

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Thanks again for helping us make a difference in the lives of special needs children. It's an honor to be on this journey with you all.

Bonner & the OMF Team