Our daughters are not for sale. They are all our daughters.
Moving Forward Together
Update from Ramesh Sapkota

The journey of Our Daughters International over the last few years has been incredible. This mission has brought together many likeminded and passionate people and has me excited for and hopeful about what is to come! 

Our Daughters International has looked at this overwhelming problem of human trafficking, and we have stepped forward to meet it. It is a wonderful realization that there is power in doing something TOGETHER -- no matter how small. By working together, we can change the lives of our daughters, one by one, and each one then makes a lasting impact on her family and community. 

I am excited to share with you the extended vision for Our Daughters International. This past month, we have developed a new curriculum for our Social Leadership School in Nepal which will provide advanced leadership skills for our daughters. The goal of this training will be to create new leaders in the community; we want to see our daughters become mayors, governors, and hold major positions in her society. 

As a result of our courageous team in India, the once impossible task of rescuing our daughters from brothels in Delhi, has become a reality. During the first quarter of 2019, our team has worked alongside the Delhi police and Delhi Women’s Commission to rescue and repatriate 16 daughters back to Nepal. This has been an incredible victory!
One of my deepest passions moving forward is to establish a Man Up Defenders group in each community within Nepal. We want to bring together, educate, and equip men of integrity who will commit themselves to changing society and leaving the legacy of a Nepal in which women are respected. Today, we have 10 active Man Up groups across Nepal taking an active role in protecting the lives of women and girls.

I am so grateful for you all. Thank you for joining us by supporting this work with your financial resources and your prayers! TOGETHER we look forward to expanding the impact of Our Daughters International beyond what seemed possible a few years ago. 


Ramesh Sapkota
President and Founder
Our Daughters International 
Man Up Defenders
Our Daughters International worked with our Nepal partners to form a new Man Up Defender group, in the community of Binayitribeni-3, Nabalpur, to prepare males to be “real men” who will fight against human trafficking and gender-based violence. The group was formed under the leadership of Ward Chairman, Mr. Tuk Badahur Baidhawar. There are 30 members enrolled and around 100 men participated in the initial information program.
New Safe house Opens
The temporary location for our Nepal partners second Safe Home has opened. This temporary location will function as an “Education Home” in Chitwan, Nepal for eight of our school-attending daughters. This will allow them to nurture their academic dreams, and give them the tools they need to succeed. This temporary location will provide for increased capacity at the first Safe Home, while construction plans are developed for the permanent second Safe Home.
Journey from Victim to Leader - The Common Thread
Our daughters follow an amazing restoration path from victim to leader. In each Our Daughters International newsletter, we will give you a look into the steps they take along this path. The common thread for each of our restored daughters, is the beginning. Human trafficking starts in the villages of Nepal.

As a patriarchal country, men are considered to be superior to women and dominate their social and domestic lives. A daughter is often considered a burden by her family and her society. Girls in villages are often confined to preforming household chores and taking care of family, without an opportunity for education. This usually leaves them illiterate and vulnerable. Traffickers lure them by promising a better life, whether it’s the lie of a well-paying job in India or a marriage into a wealthy family. In hopes of improving their financial situation and helping their family, these girls fall victim to the manipulation of traffickers. In our next newsletter, we will continue on the path as they move from victims to survivors.
Update from the Field
Agricultural Training
With an aim to enhance the income of community women through social enterprises in Nepal, Our Daughters International provided three days of Mushroom Cultivation Training in December. Since then, 10 women and girls from the Agriculture Cooperative in Birgunj have been provided micro-finance loans to launch their own mushroom-cultivation business. This is the beginning of a better future for them.
Now a Daughter - Now a Leader
At the age of 18, when many young women are planning their future career paths, Kalpana’s life was quite different. Born into a poor family of six in the far eastern part of Nepal, her family couldn’t afford their daily bread, let alone send her to school for any kind of education. This forced her to look for a job in order to support her family and her three siblings – she often found herself going around the village looking for work.

She recalls being approached by a neighbor who she considered to be her uncle – he told her about a great opportunity to work in India. With dreams of earning more money and sending it home, she agreed to go there with him. Kalpana had no idea the nightmare of slavery that was about to become her reality.

Kalpana awoke with dread every single day for the next eight years. Her life was a living hell: she was beaten, starved, tortured. Kalpana was robbed of her youth; she didn’t talk to or see her family for all those years.

Finally, the day came when Kalpana’s nightmare came to a sudden end. A security guard helped her contact a representative of Our Daughters International’s partner in New Delhi, and with the help of the local police and the Nepali embassy, she was rescued! Her case was registered with the police, the traffickers were arrested, and she was compensated for the salary that had been withheld all these years.

When Kalpana arrived at the safe home of ODI’s partner in Nepal, she only had one wish: to visit her family that she hadn’t seen in eight long years. The reunion was beautiful. Shortly after that, Kalpana began to overcome the brokenness of her past. She began to look at each day with a glimmer of hope. While at the safe house, she began to smile again, you could see her confidence coming back. Our partners worked to show her she was strong, beautiful, and valued, and in time, she began to embrace this too.

She wanted to stand on her own two feet and support her family, but she had not received any kind of formal education. So, she was determined to learn how to enhance her cooking skills in order to open her own café. After spending six months in the safe house, Kalpana began at our partner’s Training Center. After just a few months, you could see the determination in her eyes and the transformation taking hold in her life.

Kalpana now runs her own café, Hope Café. She is actively involved in her community and is committed to sharing her joy and love with those around her. Today, Kalpana is free to realize her full potential and be the person she was always meant to be. Kalpana is no longer a victim , or even a survivor -- she is our daughter and a leader
Celebrating Together
Four daughters from the western part of Nepal have graduated from the Training Center in Chitwan, Nepal this month and have returned to their homes. Two of them have moved forward with the plan of opening a beauty salon (catering to both men and women) which is a new concept in their village. Let’s pray that they will have success as they begin this new journey of independence and leadership in their communities.

Eight new daughters were welcomed into the Training Center in Chitwan. We are praying that they will be able to discover their natural inclinations and talents so we will be able to nurture their potential and growth in the months to come.

Twelve daughters began their enhanced training at the Social Leadership School (SLS) in Nepal recently. This is the second group of daughters identified as future leaders to participate in SLS.  Join with us in celebrating their six-month journey of becoming great leaders among their peers.