Pastor Robin's Father passed away this morning,
Saturday, october 10th, 2020
Worship Services for the next TWO Sundays will be ONLINE ONLY!
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus, dear friends, here are the "headlines":

  1. My father passed away peacefully this morning at around 3:00am.
  2. Ronald Joseph Paul Dugall - May 11th, 1935-October 10th, 2020 "may God bless his memory among us all."
  3. We will be gathering together as a family on Sunday, the 18th for a private, intimate time in celebrating his life.
  4. More information below.
  5. We will NOT be having LIVE worship services at either congregation for the next two weeks of October 11th and 18th.
  6. We WILL be back in worship together at both congregations on Sunday, October 25th.
  7. The leadership of both churches know about my decision and are supportive of our strategy for the coming weeks.
  8. Leaders of both churches are available to you for the answering of any questions or concerns.

Here's the narrative - This crisis with my dad started on Monday this week, September 28th. Though hospitalized since last week he had been moved to hospice care for the last two days. He had been moved back to his apartment (assisted living facility in Boulder, Colorado) on Thursday afternoon. My sister and I (as well as Vicky) were sitting with my dad daily since he had been in the hospital. I was with him pretty much most of every day since we arrived in Colorado last Friday (October 2nd). We had precious moments of tenderness in care, expressions of love for each other as well as the fact that I had the honor of serving my dad until he went to be with the Lord. We are so thankful for your love and support...the numerous emails and texts...the prayers that were lifted up to the Lord on behalf of my dad as well as for our strength and endurance. We felt every prayer...we were touched and are blessed by your heart of love.

Obviously. this has impacted our ministry at Our Savior and Shepherd of the Mountains. In light of being out of town and not returning until the week following Sunday, October 18th, I have produced pre-recorded services for this week and next (that are uploaded on YouTube and the Our Savior website). Though not meant to ever replace our live worship experiences, given the realities we are facing, these worship experiences are a vital spiritual "lifeline" to being involved in spiritual community and will be a blessing to you!

At the urging of our leaders, we will be providing ONLINE WORSHIP OPTIONS ONLY for the next two Sundays…October 11th and 18th. It was and still is my plan to be back for worship on the 25th.  That means that the church buildings will be closed on Sundays until Sunday, October 25th.

NEW NEWS - Shepherd of the Mountains IS meeting live at the church building tomorrow @ 9:30pm. They will be viewing the online service together and having a couple from YWAM share about their ministry overseas. Our Savior @ McCall will only have the online service available.

In addition to the ONLINE worship services for the coming two Sundays (I will be emailing you reminders of the worship links on Saturday night and Sunday morning) we will also NOT be having our Zoom Bible Studies on Tuesdays NOR our Wednesday Prayer Meetings. In addition, we have an archive of past worship experiences, an archive of past messages I've given as well as extensive discipleship training and Bible study materials online. As I mentioned in the "headlines," the leadership (including Elders) of both churches are available to you if you have any questions or concerns. We will be in communication during this time so that I can be updated on any issues facing members/friends/guests of our congregations.

For the sake of ease, below are the President's emails of each church as well as the emails of the Elders. Click on the link if you want to communicate to any of them:

Love to you in Jesus,
Dr. Robin J. Dugall, Pastor
Some pics of my dad - my sisters and family over the years
Rev. Dr. Robin J. Dugall
PO Box 1656, McCall, ID 83638