Legislative Update from Senator Ned Claxton
Dear friend,

I hope you have been able to beat the heat recently! Lately I've volunteered in the community, attended the Opioid Summit in Augusta, visited the Auburn Farmers'  Market and planned future events to get out and meet with constituents. I've been enjoying spending more time back home, meeting people and thinking of what we can do next to improve our state. 

As always, you can contact me by emailing me at ned.claxton@legislature.maine.gov or calling my office at (207) 287-1515.

Visiting the Auburn Farmers' Market
I had a great time at the Auburn Farmers' Market recently. Not only did I get to buy some delicious local strawberries, I got to have some great conversations as well. I always appreciate the opportunity to meet new people and hear about their views on various issues in our state. 

I'm planning on stopping by the Farmers' Market some more before the summer ends. The market is open every Wednesday from 4:30-7:30 P.M., and is located on Main Street in Auburn. I encourage everyone to check out the market and to stay up to date with when I'll be there on my Facebook page,  https://www.facebook.com/SenNedClaxton/

Some great conversations were had during my last visit to the Auburn Farmers' market. 
Attending the Opioid Summit in Augusta

The opioid crisis is one of the most pressing issues our state is facing. If we are going to help people, we're going to need an all hands on deck effort. I was thankful to attend the Opioid Summit on July 15 in order to further educate myself and learn what I can do as a legislator. Legislators, experts in the field, families and those in recovery gathered in the Civic Center to discuss the issue. 

The struggles of those indirectly and directly touched by this epidemic deserve more attention than they have previously received. For every person we lose to a drug overdose, there have been dozens of family and friends, trying for years, who have struggled for years to find some way to help the suffering from addiction. We heard stories of overcoming addiction and felt hopeful. We also heard from families who had lost their children to this killer and felt a small portion of their pain. There is hope and there is so much still to do to help fight this disease.
One of my favorite phrases from the conference was: "Community is the best antidote to drug abuse". Anything any of us can do to promote a feeling of community can help make an individual feel valued and loved. That is what so many are missing in their lives as they grow into adults. So, appreciate that acts of kindness and inclusion can be helpful in ways you may never be aware of or understand.

Helping out in the community

This past week, my wife and I spent some of our time volunteering for Trinity Jubilee Center, a soup kitchen in Lewiston. It's important to us to give back to the community. I have been glad to be able to assist the soup kitchen, which helps so many as it is. In this case, they needed food brought back to their location from a Hannaford, so that's exactly what we did and have been doing for years.

The trunk was fully loaded!
Upcoming Office Hours 

I recently scheduled two evenings during which I'll be available for my constituents to ask questions and discuss any issues that are on their mind. 
I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

At a past office hours event. 
Outdoor Lifetime Achievement Award 
The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is accepting nominations for the 2019 Lifetime Outdoor Achievement Award. This annual award honors Mainers who are dedicated to the stewardship of our natural resources and who take part in our state's rich outdoor traditions.
Nominees must have hunted, trapped or fished in Maine for a combined total of 40 years. For example, a nominee may have fished for 20 years, trapped for 10 years and hunted for 10 years; or could have fished for 30 years and hunted for 10 years. Ideal candidates are active in mentoring or teaching outdoor activities. Winners will be selected by a committee of people from DIF&W and will be honored at the annual Sportsman's Alliance of Maine banquet in September. 

Nominations are due by 5 p.m. on Friday, August 9. They can be sent by email to Emily.MacCabe@maine.gov or by mail to 284 State Street, State House Station 41, Augusta, Maine 04333. Nomination forms can be found by clicking here .

Maine Day at Fenway Park
On Saturday, September 28, the Red Sox will host "Maine Day" at Fenway Park! The team has reserved seats on a first come, first serve, basis, and I hope you'll consider heading out the park to represent Maine and enjoy a great game. The Amtrak Downeaster will even be offering discounted tickets to help you get there and back.

To purchase tickets to the game, visit :    https://groupmatics.events/event/Maineday 

A view of Fenway Park
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