Hello, dear partners and friends!
This is just a personal note on behalf of Jessa and I, both to let you know that our family is healthy and thriving and to say thank you for your prayers, encouragement and continued financial support in this season!
We believe like Isaac who sowed in the time of famine and received a 100-fold immediate return, that we will see a 100-fold increase this same year too! - (Gen 26:12). We read on and see how Isaac prospered, and continued to prosper, until he was very prosperous. - (Gen 26:13). This is my prayer for me and for you!
We have continued to use our ministry charity FFM USA, in this time of pandemic to raise money to support churches and our own homeless community. We have started the RHA Crisis Relief Fund for those affected by the covid-19 virus. I have also provided FREE training resources on Healing and Power Evangelism. We have given nearly 1000 schools and workbooks away globally!
I continue to use this time to pray, write and focus on recovery and what future ministry will look like in a post pandemic world.
May I pray for you personally at all? If so, please email your prayer requests to me personally at   thetoddbentley@gmail.com.
As we transition as a ministry, business and family, your partnership is needed now more than ever. Will you consider a seed today as we agree and declare with you a 100-fold increase and continued prosperity like Isaac in Gen (26:12-13).
Your Friend,
TODD BENTLEY – Servant and Harvester! 

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