April 11, 2018
Vickie Shields
The School of Education Has a New Associate Dean
Dean Dennis Potthoff and the School of Education are excited to announce that Dr. Shartriya Collier-Stewart has accepted an offer to serve as Associate Dean. A graduate of Xavier (BA), Columbia (MA), and Temple (Ed.D), Dr. Collier-Stewart spent the past 12+ years as a faculty member at California State University, Northridge. Shartriya has a very strong background in Bilingual Education and has taught numerous courses focused upon second language acquisition and diversity/equity. During her time at CSU Northridge she also served as director of the Los Angeles Times Literacy Center. Her scholarly and service records are diverse and distinguished. Dr. Collier-Stewart will begin her work at Nevada State on August 1, 2018.

Library Services and the School of Nursing Partner to Reduce Textbook Costs
Faculty in the Marydean Martin Library have partnered with the School of Nursing to integrate library ebooks into the online RN-to-BSN program. For seven of the eleven courses in the program, the Library provides free online access to required course materials. Using Amazon pricing as a benchmark, this partnership saves each student approximately $440 over the course of the program. Based on a spring enrollment of 229 students, the program savings total over $100,000.

CSN Gala Raises Money for the New Health Sciences Building to Be Shared with NSC
On April 7 th the College of Southern Nevada hosted a fundraising gala, with proceeds going toward the joint Health Sciences Building to be built on the CSN-Henderson campus. The new facility will benefit our Nursing and Biology programs in particular, offering students state-of-the-art simulation labs, patient-care training facilities, and science labs. Although the final tally is not in, during a live fundraising segment of the program that I performed with Interim CSN President Margo Martin, we raised $60,000! Dignity Health started the friendly pledge battle with a $10,000 gift, and although most live pledges were from construction or healthcare business, Chancellor Thom Reilly made a personal pledge of $2,500.

Correction from Newsletter Dated March 3, 2018
The regular PTI rate will increase from $900 to $1,000 per credit. Also, the PTI rate for nursing theory courses was reported incorrectly; the increase is from $1,550 to $1,705 per credit.
Tony Scinta
Growing Smartly
We are compelled to grow our enrollment at NSC. It’s an expectation of a college founded to address unmet need in Nevada, and it’s a necessity for keeping up with our budget projections. However, as much as possible we want to grow smartly.

Part of that intelligent – and encouraging – growth is through healthy academic programs and the good persistence rates of our continuing students. You can likely see this in the growth numbers that Sandip noted below, which do not yet include incoming first-year students. (The first-year cohort is expected to be smaller than last year’s colossal class, but still quite large, and we recently unveiled an enrollment projection dashboard to help key stakeholders get a better handle on probable fall enrollment numbers much further in advance than ever before.)  

Another part of growing smartly is via transfer students. First, it’s an integral part of our mission and helps students realize opportunities that otherwise might not be availed to them. Second, our transfer students are very successful, comparatively, and it serves us well to serve them well. The 4-year graduation rate for all transfer students is about 28%, which is significantly higher than the 6-year rate of first-time students, and among full-time transfer students the number jumps to over 40%!

Improving the CSN transfer pipeline was one of the five major goals that our team identified at the start of the semester. This work includes efforts to strengthen relationships with the advising and counseling team at CSN, the development of new materials (e.g., a dedicated Transfer Guide), new transfer events, and refined articulation agreements for all of our academic programs. I’ll continue to provide information about the outcomes of these efforts, but in the meantime I want to thank Lee Christopher for stepping strongly into an interim role as a transfer coordinator, and to Erin Hall for her work on a constellation of articulation agreements. 
Gwen Sharp
Institutional Review Board (IRB)
As of this month, I have taken over as the IRB Administrator. Thank you to Dr. Paul Buck for serving in this role for the last several years and making sure we are always attentive to the ethical elements of research design.

For information on how to submit an IRB proposal, visit the IRB Canvas page.

Grant Updates
  • The School of Education received a Teach Nevada Scholarship grant for the second year in a row; the grant will provide $90,000 for scholarships to recruit students into Education majors. Congrats to Dean Potthoff and the SOE faculty!
  • Irene Cepeda accepted the HSI Project Coordinator position for our Title IV grant; she will oversee day-to-day activities on the grant. Irene's first day is April 25th. Irene attended UNLV, where she earned a BA in Political Science and a MEd in Higher Education. She served in the AmeriCorps program at CSN. Irene has experience setting up or running programs related to service learning, leadership, and mentoring Latinx youth.
  • Carlos Navarro joined us as a pre-Education advisor for the Title IV/HSI grant. Carlos is a first-generation student who earned a BA in Psychology from UNLV and a MEd in Postsecondary Administration & Student Affairs from USC. He has experience working with students in a variety of areas, from graduate admissions to residential life.

Publications, Honors, & Awards
The NSC chapter of the Society for Advancement of Management (NSC SAM) received two awards at the 2018 International Business Conference of the Society for Advancement of Management! The NSC chapter won 1st place in the Chapter Performance Award for Medium Chapter Division and 3rd place in the Management Case Competition. The competition requires students to analyze and provide a solution to a business management problem. Congrats to the NSC team: Jasmine Proulx, Kennya Pimentel, Amie Haskett. And thank you to Dr. Abby Peters, the lead advisor for the club, as well as Dr. Raul Tapia and Dr. Heidi Batiste for their involvement and help preparing our students to compete!

Campus Talk
Gregory Robinson
Common Read Mini-Grants
Interested in using The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks in your class this fall? The Office of the Provost is offering mini-grants for faculty who would like to have the book purchased for all of students in their class.

To apply, send an email to me with a brief explanation of how you would use the text in your class. Include the name of the class and some examples of activities you have planned. Funds are limited, so we may not be able to support all applicants. If you are interested, please submit your application email to me by Tuesday, May 1st.

NSC Is Now a NASPA Member!
NSC is now an institutional member of NASPA - Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (formerly the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators). This means we receive individual NASPA membership for the entire campus community. We also get a complimentary individual membership for our Voting Delegate and the ability to host a BACCHUS Chapter.

Long Night Against Procrastination
Rich Yao
Student Communication Plan
NSC has done an exemplary job of developing academic support programs, and data shows that the Academic Success Center, Academic Advising, Writing Center, Course Assistants, Supplemental Instruction, Nepantla, and the First-Year Experience are contributing to improved student success markers such as academic standing and 1-year retention. 
As the next stage in improving students' experience at NSC, we are now examining the communications that are sent to students from different departments across campus. Anecdotally, students have reported receiving conflicting and/or confusing correspondence from different departments, leading to frustration and confusion. To improve this situation, we are attempting to identify all correspondence sent to students from the time they are a prospective student through graduation. 

To start this process, we have focused on communications coming from Admissions & Recruitment, the Registrar’s Office, and Academic Advising. Andrea Martin, Adelfa Sullivan, and Alex Kunkle have worked to identify the communications that are sent to students at each specific point in their experiences here at NSC. I was amazed at how much correspondence students receive from NSC and how this could be overwhelming and stressful for them. We have identified a few times where different departments may send confusing and/or conflicting information. This has helped to improve and clarify our processes. In addition, we identified a few points where additional correspondence may be helpful. For example, we noticed that after students attend new student orientation, the only correspondence they receive from NSC until the start of the semester involves financial and billing information. We are developing additional correspondence that can be sent during this period focusing on student life and other exciting aspects of NSC. We hope to connect with academic faculty to provide discipline-specific information for our students during this time. Our ultimate goal is to develop a flowchart where anyone can click on a specific point in time and view the actual correspondence that is being sent out to students. This will help ensure consistent, accurate, helpful, and engaging correspondence to our students throughout their time at NSC.
Thank you to Andrea, Adelfa, and Alex for their continued work on this project. Once these areas are completed, we will invite other campus departments to participate.
Sandip Thanki
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