Emergency Contact Cards
You may have seen these laminated cards in classrooms recently; they provide a simple visual explanation of how to call the police from a classroom, office, or cell phone. We've placed these in every classroom on campus to ensure faculty and staff know how to contact emergency services in case of a medical or safety issue during class.

We're working on distributing them to full-time faculty and staff for your offices; I recommend placing them on the wall near your office phone, or another easily visible location. We'll determine the best method to ensure they're available to adjunct faculty as well.

CARE Team Certification
Next month, Laura Hinojosa, our CARE Team Case Manager, will attend the NaBITA Behavioral Intervention Team Best Practices Certification Course. Our CARE Team uses NaBITA's threat assessment protocol (in collaboration with campus police, who conduct background checks and other risk assessments as requested). The certification course will train Laura in effective interventions, risk assessment, and how to reduce cultural bias while conducting risk assessments.

Policies Update
The following policies were approved recently:
  • AA 3.1 Academic Workload Policy (revision)
  • AA 12: Department Chairs Policy (revision)
  • AE 6: Student Medical Leave of Absence Policy
  • SA 4: Animals on Campus Policy

These have all been added to the Policies folder, found in the Documents section of the portal.

Do You Have a Teaching-Oriented Publication?
As part of our accreditation evidence, I'm putting together a list of teaching-focused articles by NSC faculty and staff between 2011 and 2019. I've collected quite a few, but if you have an item that isn't on the list that was published while you were employed at NSC, email me at gwen.sharp@nsc.edu and let me know.