April 17, 2017
Tony Scinta

As is sometimes the case, this past week was defined less by the achievement of critical goals and more by the kinds of conversations – sometimes challenging – that move us closer to achieving those goals.  In that light, its too early to report on most of the things I worked on in great detail, but interesting topics of conversation (to me, at least) included our core curriculum learning outcomes, possible partnerships involving K-12 schools, and discussions of a communication plan to help get new and returning students registered for classes at NSC in the fall.  As always, good work abounds.

Laura Naumann
The 2nd Annual NSC Undergraduate Research and Creative Works (URCW) conference will be held this Friday, April 21st throughout the NSE building. Thank you to the campus community for helping make this event a success for our students. 

URCW by the numbers:

  • 60 poster presentations representing education, nursing, physical and life sciences, and social sciences
  • 45 panelists representing education, humanities, physical and life sciences, and social sciences
  • 22 digital media exhibits
  • 172 student participants representing all three schools
  • 17 faculty mentors representing all three schools
  • 28 faculty and staff judges and moderators 

Registration and breakfast begin at 8:15am. The full agenda is available here

Rich Yao

President Patterson requested that we develop a student crisis flowchart for all faculty and staff to provide guidance on addressing student issues that may arise. The development process included input and feedback from various campus constituents, including leadership, faculty, and staff. We also understand that more training opportunities for faculty and staff on how to navigate student crises are needed, and we are working to provide these trainings in the future. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact me directly at Richard.Yao@nsc.edu.

Gregory Robinson 

Ryan Rob is the Advising Coordinator at CSN. We had a great meeting with him on Friday, where we reviewed NSHE’s form for creating articulation agreements and began the process of updating our existing agreements. The NSHE system office asked all NSHE schools to make sure we have clear articulation agreements that facilitate transfer, and both NSC and CSN are in a good position to be leaders in this area.   

The unsung hero of this week is Erin Hall, our Transfer Coordinator, who is doing much of the heavy lifting required to revise and update our CSN/NSC articulation agreements. It is a difficult process that requires a lot of attention to detail. As she finishes them, we’ll be working on Guided Pathways that show students a semester-by-semester progression from an associate's degree at CSN to a bachelor’s degree at NSC.

Also,I appeared on KNPR this morning discussing our new Deaf Studies program. If you listen to it, tell me how I did, because I dislike the sound of my voice on the radio. 

Sandip Thanki

Every wonder how long it takes our students to graduate? All the first-time, full-time students who have graduated from NSC within 6 years (cohorts of fall 2010 and prior) have graduated with an average time to graduation of 4.8 years.  Average time to graduation for new incoming transfers (cohorts of fall 2010 and prior) has been 3.2 years.   

Office of Admissions and Recruiting Update

Tagg Archibald and his team are doing an amazing job recruiting students from local high schools. In fact, the number of applications we've received so far has already surpassed the number we received in all of 2016 for nearly every high school in southern Nevada. To capitalize on this effort, Tagg has organized a “Scorpion Preview” where over 100 admitted students will be visiting the campus on April 28th and getting a sense of what it is like to be an NSC student. Congratulations to the Recruiting Office!

Nepantla Update

Nepantla is going full steam ahead preparing for its summer bridge component.  We have received 152 applications, with 57 completed and 95 in progress. So far, we have admitted 22 students to the program and we're planning for our Summer Bridge orientation on Saturday June 24th

In other Nepantla news:

Peer mentors are wrapping up their meetings with students and we are reviewing peer mentor applications for the next academic year with Marco Ferry John Lopez coming back as our Senior Peer Mentor. 

Nepantla peer mentors, staff, and students from the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation gathered to serve food on Easter Sunday at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. 

Nepantla also gathered to support Scorpion Splash last Friday April 14th

We will have 6 members of Nepantla's 1st cohort graduating this May.

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