February 21st, 2017
Dear NSC Community,

One of my foremost goals as interim Provost is to strengthen the communication between our office and the entire campus.  Part of this effort is to provide regular insights into the work the Provost’s team is doing on behalf of our excellent students, faculty, and staff.  Gwen Sharp pioneered the effort with her well-received monthly newsletter, and Gregory Robinson is leading the charge with quick, weekly updates on the latest developments.  

These regular updates are meant to be short and informal – more of an informational snack than a 5–course meal – but you are welcome to opt-out at any time by selecting “unsubscribe” at the bottom. If you have any suggestions or questions, please let us know.  We would love to hear from you.

Tony Scinta
Interim Provost

Tony Scinta
Our faculty, staff, and students continue to accomplish remarkable things at Nevada State College, and Tony did his best to capture this during his presentation at Friday’s Faculty & Staff Development session. Covering all of the noteworthy developments on campus might have required a 15-hour presentation, not a 15-minute one, but hopefully everyone in attendance got a better handle on the many great things that continue to unfold at NSC.  If you couldn’t be there, or simply want to relive the experience, you can find the full presentation here

Gregory Robinson
Gregory Robinson, Gwen Sharp, and Sita Sales attended the 38th annual First Year Experience Conference and are excited about developing new initiatives to help our first-year students. With the addition of two new First Year Experience faculty, we are in a great position to help students transition from high school to college, improve retention, integrate additional support services, and ultimately improve student success.  Gregory will be reaching out to faculty over the next month to ask for input on shaping this program, but if you have any ideas in the meantime about making our First Year Experience stronger, please send Gregory an email

Laura Naumann
Last week, the Professional Development Committee executed a successful Faculty and Staff Development day with over 100 attendees and a special visit from our new Provost, Dr. Vickie Shields. Please complete this short feedback survey about the event and tell us what you’d like to see at future convocations. Sponsored Projects also had a busy week. We narrowed our candidate list for the new Pre-Awards Grants Coordinator position and will be conducting phone interviews in early March. Finally, six faculty and one staff member in PaLS applied for INBRE Pilot Grants worth $10K each to support research with students. Our fingers are crossed for successful funding across the board! :D

Richard Yao
Great news! The Academic Advising Center welcomes our new Director, Alex Kunkle. He will be starting on March 20th. Alex comes to us from Western Oregon University, where he served as the Coordinator of Advising and Learning. 

After our recent hires, we are very close to being fully-staffed in Advising. Here is a current list of advisors and their major specialties.  We are currently searching for a transfer advisor who will be housed at CSN.

Lastly, we are in the midst of a targeted outreach to faculty members to ensure that we are providing our students with the highest quality of academic advising.

Sandip Thanki
Did you know that in the past five years (Fall 2012 to Fall 2016), NSC has grown 11% in total headcount?  Impressively, this growth has been much stronger amongst our Seniors.  From Fall 2012 to Fall 2016, our Senior headcount has grown by 34%. As a result, we're expecting substantial growth in our graduation numbers.
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