Undergraduate Research and Creative Works Conference (URCWC) Award Winners
On April 26th, we held the 4th annual URCWC on campus. The event depended on efforts from faculty and staff across campus, and I'm extremely grateful to the planning committee (Aster Sigel, Leila Pazargadi, Laura Naumann, Laura Rosales Lagarde, Christine Beaudry, Adam Davis, and Susan Growe) as well as Marketing & Events, ITS (thanks you, Rodney, for last-minute assistance with technology!), Sita Sales, Dining Services, Facilities, and everyone who volunteered as judges.

Over 150 students were listed as authors or co-authors on posters and presentations this year.
  • Physical, Life, and Health Sciences posters:
  • 1st place: Nicole Sweeden, Bre Tavernini, & Cynthia Perez
  • 2nd place: Cynthia Perez
  • 3rd place: Natasha Boganski, Derek Griffith, Taylor Hinson, Grace Hunter, Jocelyn Leal, Kallie Pancham, Desiree Whytus, & Norelle Williams
  • Behavioral and Social Sciences posters:
  • 1st place (tie): Oana Mandrutiu & Rhea Tagora
  • 1st place (tie): David Markarian & Rae Acero-Baguyo
  • 2nd place: Ashley Koontz & Regina Loudon
  • Best Presentations:
  • Business: Allie Pauli & Mary Gasca
  • Humanities: Karl Hinkamp
  • Physical & Life Sciences: Juan Torrez Diaz, Amy Ortiz, Mindy Lee, & Mark Feng
  • Creative Works: Katherine Ruvalcaba
  • Best Photography: Stephanie Rolloff
  • Best Digital Media:
  • Narrative Film: Arnold Placencia-Flores
  • Documentary: Aaron Parpart
  • Music Video or Trailer: Shelby Little
  • Experimental Film: Alistair Cooper
  • Animation: Stephanie Rolloff

Thank You for Your Food Donations!
A message from our CARE Team Case Manager, Laura Hinojosa:

"NSC students, faculty, and staff are stocking the food pantry and impacting student lives one meal at a time. Not one day goes by without someone asking\ "What does the food pantry need most?" Even students who are receiving help from the food pantry first hand have asked what they can give back. A grand, heartfelt "thank you" to anyone who has taken the time to read our flyers, inquired about how you can help, or made a donation. Your actions are touching the lives of NSC students in need by more than just providing meals; you're creating a ripple effect of kindness and gratitude that will continue to pay it forward beyond what we can see."