Dear Families,

I would like to thank you for adhering to the public health guidelines and respecting the published quarantine protocols when members of your households have returned from overseas travel. Your efforts and sacrifices have helped to ensure the health and safety of our school and our island community.

With the holidays quickly approaching, and many students returning from overseas schools, it is critically important that we continue to be vigilant and keep our guards up.  As such, we request that parents ensure that their children avoid close contact with returning students or other individuals before they have received their 8th – day negative test results. Please be reminded that students who are in close contact with a quarantined individual should not attend school during the respective quarantine or isolation period.

Despite the “Covid fatigue” that we are all experiencing, we appeal to all families to continue to practice appropriate social distancing, mask-wearing and the hygiene practices with which we have become familiar. Most especially, with the soaring infection rates and mortalities internationally, it is critically important that we continue to respect and reinforce the quarantine restrictions, following travel.

Your assistance and support with ensuring compliance with the published health guidelines will help protect and preserve the health and safety of our school and community.

Be well,