APRIL 2020 • Munroe Center for the Arts
The pandemic that we find ourselves in forces us all to adjust our lives in many new ways. Here at the MCA we are working hard in our satellite offices to create distance learning opportunities, and re-create the community of support that we have all come to value. We have rescheduled performances, and created new virtual ones. We are tightening our belts, and holding on. Thank you to everyone who is sticking with us during this time. Staff and teachers here have turned on a dime to support students and their art forms - the effort is enormous. We salute their long days, tenacity, and sacrifice. We salute parents forced to share their computers and work with new needy co-workers. We salute students who are keeping up with new ways of doing things and forced new workspaces. We salute everyone building community in a time of physical distancing.

These are the stories our grandchildren will hear about. We want our story to be remembered as one of resilience and creativity; one of learning and a strong community of support.

Below you will find a sampling of some of our offerings currently in the works, as well as a recent MCA ❤️ story by one of our studio artists.
Cristina Burwell
MCA Executive Director
Dear Cristina,
This past Tuesday March 24th was my errand day. The Munroe Center was going to be closed at noon by order of the Governor so I wanted to get there in time to get some supplies from my studio. There were hardly any cars in the parking lot, just the vehicles belonging to the window guys as they worked away healing the Munroe Center, nourishing its beauty, nurturing its grand windows. The lights were out in the building but every door was open - either wide or ajar - so the workers could easily move from room to room. Your office was open, all the studios were open, every door was open at least a crack. The building felt alive. On that closed-up shut-down day of fear and mistrust of even the air we breathe, everything was open and trusting...and full of possibility. And that is what the Munroe Center is - a building that epitomizes possibility as it said, "don't worry, my doors are open, even when you aren't here. I will hold these spaces for when you get back, for the love of creativity, for the love of dance, of song, of music, of art...the air flows through me to feed you...". And on my last trip out of the building I noticed a tiny red heart sticker in the lower left window of the door by the mailboxes. It might have always been there but this was the first time I noticed it. I took some pictures looking out the window to Mass Ave and that grand house across the street. The Munroe Center is one of the real heartbeats of Lexington and its veins and arteries were wide open that day. And that little red heart sticker in the lower left corner of that window spoke volumes as it said "go home and rest - I will be here when you return, my doors will be open, and my heart will be open too...".
- I send you my best and I hope you are all doing really well, Judith Ellen Sanders
APRIL @ Munroe Center for the Arts
HUZZAH! Celebrate Patriots' Day with us - with a virtual parade and "mini floats" to walk-by on our front lawn!
Visit our gallery - now online !
Check out MSN's growing list of performances online.
ArtSpan is testing out its online offerings as we write. Watch for an ArtSpan email to find out about their revised spring schedule coming soon. Email us if you aren't on the mailing list!
The Dance Inn continues this semester online, and is currently working on what a virtual recital might look like. This year's awards ceremony was also online, and a testament to the enthusiasm of generations of Dance Inn dancers.
The Lexington School of Ballet is putting in an enormous amount of energy into keeping classes and community strong this spring - including a virtual dance history scavenger hunt thrown into the mix!
One-on-one music lessons continue online. Teachers are accepting new students.
Email the Lexington Music School for more information.
For ongoing MCA updates, and local resources, visit MCA's Covid-19 web page.
We are working hard to cut our costs, to keep our staff and teachers employed, and education opportunities happening during this uncertain time. Thank you in advance for helping to support us as students, and as donors.
Thank you to our Business Sponsors - helping to give a stage to local artists, and engaging performances to local residents!

“Ultimately, these organizations belong to the public. They provide value. The public cares about them. So at this time, it’s really the public that is going to have to ensure they survive ..."
- Anita Walker, The Boston Globe