London Arts Center Remodel 
No major renovation of a building is ever easy and there are always bumps in the road along the way. The new Arts Center building is no exception. There have been dips and bumps, twists and turns, delays and drama. And, of course, there has been COVID-19. The renovation is moving along in spite of all that. The gallery, the gift shop/whatever room, and the entry are painted and the new flooring is down. The kitchen is coming along and most of the cabinets are in. The countertops have been approved and will be installed in the next couple of weeks. The grid for the dropped ceiling in the bathrooms is in place and soon the partition wall will go up. The electricians plan to be there this weekend installing extra exit signs and emergency lights to satisfy requirements. Changes are taking place every week and a lot of people are working very hard to provide our London Visual Arts Guild with a wonderful new space we can all be proud of. In spite of the new digs our mission remains the same, to provide art and art education for London and all of Madison County. When the last nail is driven, the last screw is turned, and the paint rollers have been put away, we will get back to our mission. Hopefully we will have a renewed zest for artistic endeavor and a strong desire to share our talents and love for the arts. Progress is being made constantly and soon we will realize the fruits of all the labor when we officially open the London Arts Center. Stick with us until then. It’s going to be great. 

- Planning Committee Co-Chair, Tony Reeder