Volume 8, #43
Update Letter from Fr. John Nolan
Dear Parishioners,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support, kind words, and positive prayers during this on-going time of isolation. Although we are still unable to gather for weekly Mass, our parish continues to move forward. Here are some of the “happenings”.
--You already know how our local food pantries are in dire need of canned, boxed and dry goods to stock their depleted shelves. After seeking the advice of our SJW Finance and Parish Councils and our Stewardship & Discipleship Committee, I am directing that all monies gathered for our Easter Sunday collection is designated for transfer to our three local pantries: Chatham, Holy Family, and Central Illinois Food Bank. If you would like to contribute, place your donation in an envelope and mail it to the Parish Office.
--We have initiated a Phone Tree calling program with the assistance of parishioner, Kenda Jochimsen. We have a small, dedicated group of team members who will be contacting selected groups of parish members: families with school age children, young adults, seniors and homebound. Please welcome their call—we want to keep the communication going.
--The Payroll Protection Program. You are probably familiar with this assistance program generated through the federal government. The SJW Finance Council determined prior to the PPP that the parish has some reserve to provide all our staff with their regular salaries and that includes our Preschool staff. When we determined that SJW was eligible, we also decided that it would be best for us to decline the government program.

I believe this action is the correct one to take. Continuing to provide full salaries will maintain normalcy for our employees and as the employees use those funds within the community it will maintain a level of normalcy for the community.

  • To apply, when we have a fund reserve, can deny small business entities the funds they might need to keep their people employed and receiving a paycheck.

  • Prior and current correspondences from the Diocese advise caution and knowledge of the risks involved because of the current program rules (or even unknown changes to the program rules in the future).

  • There will undoubtedly be fraud and waste within any government program, but this is a social justice issue. The higher road is to leave the funds available for others who need it more, rather than be included in a group who took when they did not need.
I plan to keep you up-to-date with these types of issues through the Parish Bulletin, News You Can Use, and our Facebook presence.
Fr. John Nolan
St. Joseph the Worker
700 E Spruce St
Chatham, IL 62629
Phone: 217-483-3772
Fax: 217-483-4581
Email: stjos@comcast.net
If you have moved or are no longer a member of
St. Joseph the Worker, please contact our office or reply to this email so that we may make the necessary changes
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