Update on 205th Annual Convention
February 12, 2021
As a member of voting diocesan clergy or an elected lay delegate, you are receiving these regular updates on the upcoming 205th Annual Convention. Please read each update carefully to ensure you have all you need to know about the upcoming gathering along with access to available resources. Thank you for sharing your gifts and for giving your time to the ongoing work of the Diocese of North Carolina!

  • RSVP your attendance at the 205th Annual Convention by Feb. 19
  • Mark you calendars for the public meeting on Resolutions of the 205th Annual Convention (Feb. 23 at 6 p.m.) and the webinar on the Special Order of Business (Feb. 25 at 7 p.m.)
  • Review the resolutions submitted for vote
  • Download the app for the 205th Annual Convention
DATE: March 6, 2021
Rain date: March 13
TIME: 11a.m. (expected duration: 30 minutes)

Though traditional registration is not in place for the 205th Annual Convention, we do ask that you RSVP by Friday, Feb. 19 to help us ensure a quorum will be on site on March 6. We don't want anyone to drive to the site if we can't accomplish the business of the day.

All voting clergy and lay delegates are expected to attend. RSVP by Feb. 19 to let us know you'll be there.

Though we always look forward to seeing you, we must ask all nonvoting clergy and guests to stay home on March 6. Space is limited in the Friday Center parking lot, we will not be able to leave our cars to socialize, and we must ensure that every horn honked as a voting mechanism is eligible to vote. We thank you for understanding and look forward to seeing you when we can gather again in person!

If you are uncertain as to whether you should attend, please refer to the voting clergy and lay delegate lists. For questions regarding the RSVP, please contact Erin Sweeney.
The main business of the 205th Annual Convention is to amend canons via resolutions that will permit (but not require) Conventions and Annual Parish Meetings to take place by videoconference. The resolutions pertaining to this business are now available.
The 205th Annual Convention will begin at 11a.m. The parking lot opens at 10a.m.

When we are on site, members of Convention must remain in their vehicles at all times. Only those on the dais, diocesan staff, the credentials team, event staff and parking personnel will be excepted from this rule. Please plan your travel accordingly, and plan to use interstate rest areas and local businesses near the event site to attend to personal comfort and the stretching of legs. Again, members of Convention must remain in their vehicles once on site.

Credentials will be mailed to you next week. When you arrive on site, please have your credentials displayed on your vehicle's dashboard to help keep the traffic flowing. Once you are parked, someone from the credentials team will safely collect your credential pass.

The audio for the event will be provided via FM radio. When you arrive, please tune to:
  • FM 88.3 (English)
  • FM 106.5 (Spanish)

Additional details, including information on the agenda and worship, will be shared in the coming weeks.
The 205th Convention has an app offering all of the information you'll need. Affectionately known as the "Yapp App," if you already have Yapp downloaded on your mobile device, simply search "DioNC205" to add the 205th Annual Convention.

If you don't yet have the Yapp app, you can download it from the Apple Store or Google Play, and add the 205th Convention by searching "DioNC205."
The business of the 205th Annual Convention will have to be done quickly. Our target is 30 minutes from convening to adjourning. Therefore, the Special Order of Business offered for your adoption will not allow late resolutions, committee hearings, debate of resolutions, amendments to or substitutes for resolutions, etc. The Bishop Diocesan will call for yes-or-no votes on each matter put before Convention without delay.
To maintain transparency of the Convention process, we will take the following steps prior to Convention:

  • On Tuesday, Feb. 23, 6-7:30 p.m., the Commission on Constitution and Canons will hold a public meeting intended to give members of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina an opportunity to discuss the resolutions to be presented at the 205th Annual Convention. Questions and comments are welcome. Register for the meeting.

  • For the same purposes, on Thursday, Feb. 25, 7-8:30 p.m., the Secretary will hold a public webinar on the Special Order of Business prior to Convention. Register for the meeting.

We will send updates regularly between now and March 6 as details develop. In addition to the app, all available information can be found on the 205th Annual Convention page on the diocesan website.