Beloved in Christ,

The past few weeks have been strange, stressful, and wearying. We want to assure you that the leadership team at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and Faith on Foot have been in regular consultation about the best practices and procedures to help prevent infections, especially for our most vulnerable participants, family members, and friends. What we do, we do for the sake of our neighbor and for the good of our community as a whole.

For the time being, the church office remains open, but we would encourage that anyone who needs to visit call first and make an appointment.

As a result of our discussions we are making the following changes in the way we do our life together until we can be confident that our usual patterns no longer present an undue risk:

  1. All small church gatherings are suspended. This includes Bible Study, WELCA, Choir, and Baptismal preparation classes.
  2. Any necessary meetings will take place via Zoom using either a computer or a telephone.
  3. A digital worship experience with music, prayers, and a recorded sermon will be posted every Sunday. You can find links on our Facebook page or at our church website
  4. You can join the Episcopal Bishop of Vermont for Morning and Evening prayer daily at 8:00AM and 8:00PM via Zoom, more information is here.
  5. Weekend worship will be suspended for two weeks, and then we will re-evaluate at that point how to move forward
  6. Please make a plan to continue your offerings so that the congregation remains financially viable. You can send checks via mail directly to the church office, arrange with your own bank to send an automated check, or use our PayPal to make contributions with your credit or debit card.

In addition, Little Lambs is adjusting their operations in the following way:
  1. All children who have alternative care plans are encouraged to stay home.
  2. Both centers will remain open with adjustments to staff to match the need.
  3. Little Lambs will provide emergency drop-in care for the children of critically important healthcare workers.

Finally, we cannot let this pandemic tear us apart or leave our church family isolated and alone. Please promise to take up the discipline of calling at least one member a day, praying for them, and communicating any pastoral care needs back to the pastor.

Thank you for helping to bear each other's burdens during this challenge.

Peace and All Good,

The Rev. John Michael Longworth & the Church Council
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church