Call To Action Update
September 2, 2020

On Monday August 31, your President put out a call to members (view Call to Action Email here) asking for support in advocating for a safe return to school for our members. As of 9:30 am on September 2, the NLTA has been copied on 1098 emails to the Premier, Minister of Education and local MHA’s sent by 497 teachers. As a result of this action, we have begun to hear announcements from Minister Osborne. However, the measures announced to date are not adequate to address the concerns your Association has been raising both publicly and in all meetings with government representatives. All teachers who are concerned about government’s plans for school re-entry are urged to lend their voice to that of our President and the 497 members who have already answered the call.  

Thank you and keep up the effort. Remember, all politics is local and elected representatives may be more motivated to respond to concerns that come directly from their constituents.