Dear Assumption Community,

On Sunday, Governor Baker issued a series of actions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, coronavirus, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Governor’s actions compel all of us to take additional measures to prevent occurrences of and the proliferation of coronavirus. As such, please be reminded, and know of, the following updates:
  • Temporary Remote Learning Begins Thursday, March 19
  • Remote Learning Extended through Monday, April 13
  • Providing Services to Students: Adjusting Campus Operations
  • Campus Building Access
  • Athletic Program Update
  • Faculty & Staff Assistance on the Passing of Prof. Ranasinghe

Remote Learning to Begin Thursday; Extended to April 13
Remote instruction will commence on Thursday morning, March 19. Given new guidance provided by the federal and state governments and the timing of Holy Week and Easter, the remote learning period has been extended through April 13. Regardless of any future government action, remote learning must continue to ensure students can complete their academic program. I realize this mode of learning is different, and perhaps not ideal, for faculty and students, however, it is the safest and only realistic option at this time. I thank faculty for their tireless efforts over the past week and the Information Technology staff for supporting our faculty during this unprecedented situation.

It remains our hope to be able to return students to campus to complete the semester. A final decision on whether this will be possible will be made no later than April 8. 

Providing Services to Students: Adjusting Campus Operations
Beginning Thursday, March 19 until Monday, April 13, only those designated by their supervisors are required to be on campus. This temporary, alternative work arrangement will be reevaluated on Wednesday, April 8. Employees designated by their supervisors to be on campus are those whose physical presence is required for continuity of critical institutional operations and to serve the needs of the 40 to 50 students who remain on campus. Division Vice Presidents have developed continuity plans and will inform employees if they must be on campus each day or if they may work remotely. Know that accommodations will be made for employees who have been authorized to work remotely. Please consult your Vice President if you do not have a reliable computer or internet connection at home.

Employees will be fully compensated as we operate under these temporary remote working arrangements. As such, employees must work each day and respond to calls and emails in a timely manner. It is expected that employees work their normal 35-hour week. Employees working remotely must be available during these times to ensure continuity of College operations. (Some employees may need to be available outside of those hours.)

Campus Building Access
Given the low campus census, all buildings will be locked. Faculty and staff will have access to the building in which their offices are located by key or card pass. Please ensure that you have an operating key and card pass for your building. Those who traveled internationally during spring break will not have access to campus until their 14 day self-quarantine is completed. We recommend that you do not come to campus unless required by your supervisor or if you find it necessary. Please note that you will be asked to show your College ID at the gatehouse to gain access to campus.
Taylor Dining Hall is providing to students residing on campus three meals per day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 5 to 7 p.m. Dunkin Donuts and Charlie’s are closed. Members of our community who have food delivered to campus must meet the delivery driver at the front stairs of Taylor Dining Hall; Uber or Lyft rides must also be met at the same location, as these individuals will not be allowed on campus.

Only students currently residing in a residence hall may access campus. All other students are strictly prohibited from campus until further notice.
Athletic Program Update
The Northeast-10 Conference Council of Presidents have determined that effective immediately, all team activities and competitions in NE10 spring sports, along with the Conference’s spring championships, will be cancelled for the remainder of the spring semester.

Grief Counseling Available on the Passing of Prof. Ranasinghe
Faculty and staff experiencing grief relative to the sudden passing of Professor Ranasinghe are encouraged to utilize the Employee Assistance Program, a confidential service available to all employees.

As a reminder, employees who are feeling ill, exhibiting symptoms of coronavirus, live with someone who is ill or demonstrating symptoms, must not come to campus under any circumstances. If you are designated to work on campus, and unable to come to work, please contact your supervisor.

Thank you once again for your patience and flexibility as we adapt to this unprecedented global health crisis. The work you have performed in the past few weeks as you balance professional and personal obligations is inspiring. The collective response to this challenging time demonstrates your passion and commitment to imparting upon students an authentic, Catholic liberal arts education. Please know of my sincere gratitude.