Chabby in Zambia
Chabby thanks everyone for the PA system and generator. He has used it for several open air meetings calling his people to seek God, to experience God helping them. This is KNOWING God, personally. They see Christ redeeming them in their homes, from self, and in their dire circumstances. I have gotten emails from some that he has given books to that are so grateful to Chabby's for his help!
His bicycle continues to take him everywhere in the bush to give hope to many hopeless that God is there for them. The Bibles and books he hands out are much appreciated in their difficult times.
The authorities have shut him down from open air meetings because of COVID they say. Chabby hopes to be back out soon. He is being attacked and belittled by some for all his efforts to help others. Yet he is relentless and by God's grace continues to help the helpless by buying bibles and books he feels the people need to prepare for the Lord to come. He even goes to the prison and many of these men are so grateful for the work he is doing.
Through your generosity, Chabby has made good use of the funds you gave him, to help many that otherwise would have nothing, to help them know God for themselves. We have sent him about 9 large boxes of bibles and books to help him in his quest. His people love our books, and DVD's, as they make the walk and talk with God, so understandable and practical. They so relate.

Some with whom Chabby shares have contacted us by email requesting our materials so they too can share the life-giving messages to hungry souls around them. So Jim & Sally thank you for making this possible. Many come and feed at our website on all the free resources we continue to make available to them. And to as many as we can we send bibles and our materials to them! The requests are beyond our means.

Chabby says the Biggest thank you to everyone. He is getting calls now to churches to speak but he continues his one-on-one work thanks to you!
Empowered Living MInistries
Jim & Sally Hohnberger
Empowered Living Ministries