Arizona Department of Education (ADE) continues to send questions regularly to USDA in an effort to clarify programmatic guidance related to COVID-19 not yet released in formal memorandums.

ADE has received clarification if a school district is sending a "brick and mortar" student who has elected full-time online learning to attend an Arizona Online Instruction (AOI) program, the student is eligible to receive meals from their “brick and mortar” school. In other words, the students enrolled at the “brick and mortar” schools that participate in a remote learning/hybrid model (or through the AOI program, if that’s how the remote learning is set up) are eligible for the NSLP/SBP. 

Since the AOI program was a virtual program before COVID-19, and was never eligible to participate in NSLP/SBP, any student enrolled in this program, (not from a brick and mortar school for purposes of providing remote learning) would not be entitled to a meal.