June 2022 Updated
We were recently made aware of information in our June 2022 e-newsletter that was part of our "Take 5" section on the Esports Complex that was not accurate and would like to provide the correct information. We sincerely apology for this error and any inconvenience that it has caused.

Peoria Public Schools has not chosen to move away from supporting computer labs. The district has on order computers and graphic cards that have been held up in supply chain issues and plans to add these to HS Esports programs. The choice to use the Esports Complex was determined to provide students with equipment that could run at competition speeds because supply chain issues held up technical hardware needed to install at the high schools. Currently, the district does have Esports occurring in many buildings on current computers. New equipment is expected to be in installed by fall of the new school year. 
We recently talked with PPS Foundation Board Member, and our current Board Treasurer, Alex Elger and are excited to share his answers to a few of our questions! Alex was born and raised in Peoria. He attended St. Philomena, Father Sweeny Elementary School, Washington Gifted Middle School and was a graduate of the IB Program at Richwoods High School. He works as a financial advisor providing investment advice and retirement planning at Wells Fargo. Alex and his wife, Megan, have two daughters. Thanks for talking with us, Alex!

So what do you like best about living in Peoria?

Peoria is the best of both worlds combining amenities of living in a big city with the community of a small town. As someone who runs late to everything, I love that you can be anywhere in town within 10 minutes. But more importantly, the city feels like one big family. Every time you meet someone new, you always seem to have a friend in common with them and it’s one of the only places in the world where people just wave at their neighbors as they drive by without even knowing them.

If you could only have three apps on your smartphone, which ones would you pick?

Impossible question to answer as I currently have over 300 apps on my phone. As a financial advisor, I always need access to my stock app. As owner of Peoria Esports Complex, we utilize Facebook to manage our business and advertise our upcoming tournaments. And as a parent and a gamer, I’ve given up PC gaming in favor of mobile gaming so I’d have to keep at least one game to pass the time.

If you could snap your fingers and immediately learn to do anything, what would it be?

Computer coding. In the next 20 years, computer coding will be the most important foreign language and anyone who knows how to do it at a high level will have their choice of high paying career.

Do you have a favorite band or concert you’ve been to?

I’m a weird blend of liking both rap and county and had the most fun when Ludacris was at Tailgate and Tallboys. Hit after hit with country music before and after. Louisville Slugger did an awesome job with the concert.

What is your favorite meal or restaurant in Peoria?

My namesake, Alexander’s Steak House, has my favorite steak in Peoria with their teriyaki top sirloin steak. I highly recommend trying it, but warn you you’ll never want eat steak again if it’s not there. I also love Sugar’s BBQ Chicken Pizza and think it’s a must try for anyone!

Alex is also the owner of the Peoria Esports Complex, please see statement above about Peoria Public Schools and the Peoria Esports Complex.

Thank you to Alex for chatting with us! We love his dedication to Peoria Public Schools and all that he contributes to our organization.
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