There is a crisp coolness to the air and campaign signs are popping up along the highways and byways. Must be fall in a campaign year. 

As you know, we held a standing-room-only  meeting  at the Fallbrook Library mid-September. If you missed it, don't worry. We're planning another for early 2019. 

The San Diego Union Tribune 's J. Harry Jones returned to Gird Valley in October to interview Jade Work and report on the progress at Monserate Winery.

The Village News' Tom Ferrall also penned a piece on this new agricultural endeavor. 

Each article features some lovely pictures.  We have posted links to each on our website at

We're sure you'll enjoy them very much!

Attempt #6 to build a high school in Fallbrook's Gird Valley is ongoing. This threat is the second round by Bonsall Unified School District (BUSD), a proposal for a huge 1,500-student high school and performing arts center to be built out in three Phases. Measure EE on the November ballot is for funds for Phase I. If Measure EE passes, the funds, a bond, will be secured by the homes in the District and will show up on your tax bill for the next 30+ years. If you don't own a home, these tax assessments are invisible but they are included in your rent. 

T he Environmental Impact Report process related to this proposed development is ongoing and we have hired environmental attorney Kevin Johnson to assist with our community's comments. A big thank you to those who donated to assist with the legal fees. You know who you are and you are wonderful! 

We hear that the budget for the YES on EE $38 million bond/tax campaign (oddly structured as a nonprofit 501c4) is $100,000, which they are actually calling a "grassroots" campaign. The YES on EE campaign has hired a very expensive firm, experts at passing bond measures. As expected, big checks  are coming in from Special Interests: construction companies, design firms, attorneys and bond brokers.

Meanwhile, the Voters Against Wasteful School Bonds' campaign is asking for your help. $25, $50, $100, whatever you can give, is necessary for printing flyers, signs (which continue to be stolen), and for ads, all necessary to get the word out. Your time too is welcome, as there is much to do and you can help spread the NO on EE message from Oceanside to Pala. Take a look at the BUSD map and make sure all your friends know to Vote NO on EE! is truly what a grassroots campaign looks and feels like and it's amazing! Please contribute ASAP or contact the volunteers and ask how you can help. Thanks so much! 
Bonsall High School's 2018 graduating class was just 57.
Keep in mind that BUSD's 2018 graduating class, housed in this state-of-the-art high school which opened its doors in 2016, was just 57 students. 

There is no capacity crisis at the Bonsall School District. In fact, its 2018-2019 enrollment projections were substantially overstated and the budget is being recalculated now. 

The State of California predicts public school are facing a long term declining trend and BUSD competes with dozens of high schools in the area. 

BUSD dodged the Environmental Impact Report process when it went through its unification process and again when it built this new high school. 

Therefore there was no review of traffic patterns, no discussion about adding roads, more exits or the need to develop wildfire evacuation plans or  implement a simple carpool program  District-wide. We sent out an email blast in early October which included many of these points You may want to read it again or share it with others. You can find it at

We have written an updated piece on what's going on with the YES vs NO on EE campaigns, entitled " On projections, brick and mortar and fuzzy math". Please share! 

Beyond Measure EE, four seats on the BUSD Board are up for election. We sent out a Candidates Questionnaire, as did the Village News, to learn more about them. A fter Dr. Sylvia Tucker declined to support  Measure EE and criticized the District for its overstated 2018-2019 enrollment projections, pro-building Board Members Tim Coen and Lou Riddle endorsed Dr. Tucker's opponent for the two-year seat. 

At least it is very clear now where everyone stands. volunteer Teresa Platt says, "I now know all the candidates and I am voting for two and only two:  Roger Merchat and Dr. Sylvia Tucker. They are well informed and ask the hard questions that need to be asked. They will work to restore the District's fiscal health and represent us well on the BUSD Board."
Beyond the battle for the BUSD Board, the growing coalition Opposing Measure EE includes an All Star list of Democrats, Republicans, taxpayer advocates, teachers and community leaders committed to education and quality of life in North San Diego County. 

Join the NO on EE Coalition and contact the volunteers today!

The Volunteers at 


Protect North County's rural character! Gird Valley looking south to Monserate Hill
and the San Luis Rey River Valley. April 2017
Vote NO on Measure EE and for only two Board candidates: 
Roger Merchat and Dr. Sylvia Tucker

Working together we can save Fallbrook's Gird Valley 
and preserve what we love about North County San Diego!