You Made the Difference!
Here's What's Happening Now with the
Abayudaya Jews in Israel
Yosef Kibita & Abayudaya Jews

The Masorti Movement has been at the forefront in advocating for Yosef Kibita and the Abayudaya community in Israel.

With your help, we've gotten Yosef's deportation from Israel stayed, but the story is just beginning.

The First-Ever Birthright Group of Young Abayudaya

Notice the MAROM blanket on the man in the foreground? MAROM Olami, the young adult division of Masorti, played a pivotal role in making the Birthright dream a reality.
From Dung Gate to Ezrat Israel
The group marched together from Dung Gate to Ezrat Israel, the egalitarian prayer space at the Kotel, for the dedication of a Sefer Torah donated for this purpose by Temple Beth Am in Margate, Florida.

And Now Watch the Joyous Celebration!
“Ever since I was 16," says Isaac Wamani, "I dreamed of making this trip…and now that I’m here, I feel so connected to this place. I actually cried when I first saw the Western Wall.”  
The celebration at the Kotel was the culmination of long-held dreams for the Abayudaya Jews who struggle mightily in Uganda to practice their Judaism. Sadly, the struggle for them goes on in Israel as well.

But with your help, Masorti Israel has been able to strongly support rights for the Abayudaya. And we are not giving up the fight. We're pursuing grass-roots advocacy and legal action to make sure that Israel lives up to its Declaration of Independence and to the values of democracy, inclusion and Jewish tradition that we all cherish.
Walema Elifazi Eria, a Young Jew from the Abayudaya Community, Gets Warm Welcome from the Fair Lawn Jewish Center in New Jersey
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