Liquor Permit Renewals
Due to Covid-19, when your liquor permit expires and needs renewed with the Division has changed. If you would have normally filed to renew your liquor permit in June 2020, October 2020, February 2021, or June 2021, your liquor permit now expires July 1, 2021. Because of the multiple renewal cycles that may need filed by July 1, 2021, the Division is splitting up the renewal process. How and when you will file to renew your liquor permit is as follows:
  • Late February / Early March 2021
  • The Division will send you an invite to register in the Division’s online renewal portal to your liquor permit or safekeeping address on file with the Division. 
  • Detailed instructions on how to access and use the online portal will be included in the invitation mentioned above. In short, the portal:

  • Is an electronic version of the paper application that you have previously received from the Division; and
  • Allows you to pay for your liquor permit renewal using an electronic funds transfer (EFT) or credit card. 

  • If you file and pay for your renewal application in the portal, you will NOT receive a mailed paper application.  
  • Late April / Early May 2021
  • If you did NOT file and pay for your renewal application in the online portal, a paper renewal application will then be sent to your liquor permit or safekeeping address.

  • Upon receipt, you must do one of the following:
  • File your renewal application in the online portal; OR
  • File your paper application by mail.
In either situation, you must file your renewal application before July 1, 2021 to avoid any interruption in your ability to sell alcoholic beverages. Due to the anticipated volume of applications, the Division STRONGLY encourages all affected permit holders to use the online portal and file as soon as you are notified it is available. If you must file by paper, please do so upon receipt. 
If you have additional questions, the Division recommends contacting your personal attorney who can best advise you regarding your specific situation. You can also review the Division’s renewal guidance document by clicking here.  



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Director of Licensing
Division of Liquor Control
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