May 14, 2020
Update on May Learn and Earn
Great News! 

Stipends Available for May Provider Trainings
Broward Educators,

Thanks for “Quaran-training” with us! Here are some updates about both our local trainings and the OEL-approved statewide trainings for which participants can gain some valuable learning, while earning stipends.

Local Trainings :

We have been able to now verify we will have the funds necessary to continue paying stipends for our local learning opportunities! While we are excited to offer this, the stipends associated with our local trainings will phase out in May. Nevertheless, we are excited by your commitment to learning and due to such an overwhelming response, in addition to 1.5 in-service hours each, if you participate in up to 6 of the below May trainings , you are eligible to receive $300.   
  •  If you took 1 or 2 trainings in April and weren’t able to apply them toward a stipend already, those trainings can count toward your 6 to receive a stipend of $300.
  • Pre-registration is required for all ELC Broward local trainings.
  • If you register, make sure you attend.
  • Because space is limited to 500 in the trainings, please only attend 6 trainings so your fellow educators can also participate.
  • If you would like to cancel a registration, please email
  • Please note that all May trainings are at capacity.
  •  Please stay tuned for additional information on opportunities for free in-service trainings through ELC Broward in June. 
OEL Approved Statewide Trainings:

OEL is currently finalizing the rules for its stipend distribution for instructors who complete the specific trainings (see attached). While not final yet, it is expected that eligible instructors will be eligible to receive $75.00 per training, up to a maximum of $750 per individual instructor. We expect these rules, as well as the accompanying forms to be completed for stipend reimbursement for these trainings, to be available by the end of this week. As soon as they are finalized, we will forward! 

Unfortunately, pandemic restrictions make it impossible for us to issue paper checks at this time. You MUST have a current bank or credit union account.

In order to receive your stipend, you MUST follow these directions: Please read them carefully, and choose which applies to you: 

  • I HAVE received a stipend from the ELC in the past year and my banking information HAS NOT changed:
  • Email with your training certificate(s) attached
  • I HAVE NOT received a stipend from the ELC in the past year or my banking information has changed and prefer my stipend to be directly deposited to my bank account:
  • Email with the below documents:
  • Training Certificate(s)
  • Completed W-9 (blank form attached)
  • Completed Direct Deposit Form (blank form attached)
  • § Copy of a voided check or other official bank document that shows routing # and account #

If you have questions, please email Allison at
For additional resources, please visit our website: