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Update on Midterm Preparation & Distance Learning

Dear Bishop Hendricken family,

We want to share a quick update on what we're planning for the next few weeks regarding midterm exams and COVID. As you are well aware, cases, and therefore quarantines, are surging across the state and the country. We want to be proactive to ensure that these have the least disruptive impact on each students' ability to properly review and prepare for important midterm assessments with their teachers.

For the week prior to midterm exams, January 10-14, 2022, all teachers will be providing live exam review for isolated or quarantined students who feel well enough to attend via Zoom. Students should contact their teachers to confirm the dates and times of the midterm review for each class. Additionally, this is only an option for students who are home due to...

  • Isolation (you are a positive case)
  • Quarantine (you're a close contact or household contact)

Midterm exam review via Zoom next week is NOT an excuse for students who are otherwise able to attend school in-person to stay home. Teachers will be apprised of attendance reports daily to ensure this policy is upheld. We appreciate parents' partnership on this matter.

Isolated and quarantined students who feel well enough to attend class via Zoom must be in full dress code, have their cameras on, and actively participate. Teachers will make their review Zoom links available on PlusPortals and Microsoft Teams.

As of this point, midterms will take place as scheduled and in person with ample policies for make-up administration. The full midterm exam schedule can be found, here.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Mark R. DeCiccio '03


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