I just wanted to share some breaking news about today's rally. Seems like a SWELL of support is hitting just when we need it most. I hope you can attend or at least watch it live at  https://www.facebook.com/citizensoversight/



Public Event to Expose Insanity of 3.6 million pounds of nuclear waste on the beach

Lawsuit by Citizens Oversight has been continued from 4/14 to 7/14 
to allow parties to negotiate a settlement


WHEN: 1pm 4/14 (start of march) and 2pm (Event at Horton Plaza Park)

WHERE: Hall Of Justice Courthouse 330 W. Broadway, 
march to Horton Plaza Park (5 blocks east) 900 Fourth Ave.

MAIN EVENT: at Horton Plaza Park, 900 Fourth Ave, San Diego (see graphic below)

WHAT: Rally / Press Conference regarding Nuclear Waste Dump and Lawsuit by Citizens
Oversight to block construction of the dump.

We are very happy to announce that world-renowned  champion surfer Ian Cairns will be joining our event at  Horton Plaza Park on Friday, April 14 at about 2pm and  addressing the crowd concerning the proposed nuclear  waste dump only 100 feet from the ocean and inches 
over the high water mark.

Cairns is perhaps the most well recognized name in the  surfing world as he developed the sport by helping to  devise a rating and scoring system for surfing events.  In 1979 he moved to California and with Peter Townend  formed the National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA). 
In 1983 he became the first director of the Association of  Surfing Professionals (ASP) of which he is a life member.  Cairns is currently Head Coach of the PacSun USA Surf Team.

Ian will be speaking at the event when the march arrives  at the Horton Plaza Park.
In addition, Ray Lutz, National Coordinator for Citizens Oversight  will speak about the issue, the lawsuit, the settlement process,  and plans for public participation meetings so that  the public will have input into the settlement process. We want to  hear the concerns, ideas, thoughts, and proposed plans so those  can be used by our team of experts who will be involved in the
settlement process. This is really our first chance to let the public  weigh in.

We believe that at this juncture, everyone wants to see this waste  off the beach as quickly as reasonably possible.

See more about Ian here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_Cairns
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Livestream: https://www.facebook.com/citizensoversight/

Madge Torres -- 760-613-7035 or 760-753-1886 / madgicalcats@gmail.com
Ray Lutz -- 619-820-5321 / raylutz@citizensoversight.org