Update on New York
Insurance Premium Payment
We hope you had a good holiday and that your families are safe and healthy.
The Department of Financial Services continues to update and clarify its regulations relating to insurance premium payments during this pandemic, and each insurance and finance company may have its own policies.
If you have a payment issue, we suggest you contact your insurance carrier or finance company directly - because only you know what payment terms you can live by.
The current NY Department of Financial Services policy provides that you can contact your insurance carrier or finance company to request a payment deferral of 60 days (90 days in NJ), for premium installments due between March 29th and April 28th , which you cannot pay due to Coronavirus hardship. If the premium is not paid by the agreed upon deferred date, or new payment terms are not agreed to, then the insurance policy may be cancelled back to the date when it would have originally cancelled for non-payment.
Importantly, it was just clarified that these deferment payment rules only apply to Admitted insurance companies (unless otherwise agreed to by the insurance carrier) . Most insurance policies are placed with carriers that are Admitted (licensed) in New York. Other high-risk exposures like contractors, vacant buildings, coastal properties, or businesses with significant claims can only be insured via Non-Admitted insurance companies.  Since these Non-Admitted insurance companies are not subject to the same NY state regulations that apply to Admitted carriers, they do not have to abide by these payment deferment rules.  Again, you should discuss your payment situation directly with the insurance carrier or finance company.
To summarize:
  1. If you pay the insurance companies directly then it is best you call them directly if you need to make new payment terms due to Coronavirus.
  2. If you use a finance company to pay your premiums, you need to call them directly if you need to make new payment terms due to Coronavirus.
  3. If you typically make your payments to Levitt-Fuirst, here are the instructions on how you can pay us, and if you have payment issues due to Coronavirus, please let us know.

For payment of premiums owed directly to Levitt-Fuirst,  we highly recommend you use our online payment options to expedite payment receipt.  There are several payment options offered, including EFT from your bank account or credit card payment.  Please visit us at:

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