Potomac Ministry Network
Dear friends,
I am writing to give you an update on the nominating process for the superintendent election coming in May 2018. (For background, see my message of June 15 here .)
The nominating committee has been seated according to our bylaws, comprised of members of the Board of Directors and representatives of various Network constituencies. The members are:
Ken Burtram – Chairman
Bryan Briggs
Gary Butler
Ray Crabtree
Rob Culler
Debbie Gillispie
Felix Gonzalez
Johnny Green
Brook Hicks
Bill Roberts
Sharon Smith
Brenda Burns (Communications Facilitator)
The committee met in August and submitted recommendations for the nomination process to the Board of Directors. The recommendations were approved at the September 12 Board meeting. I will be providing further information regarding the nomination process in the Wednesday morning session at Ministers Retreat.  Following that, we will be providing details and instructions through our web site, email and regular mail.
Thank you for your continued prayer for God’s guidance, as we seek to prioritize a process of spiritual discernment led by the Holy Spirit.
Sincerely in Christ,