MARCH 16, 2020
Dear Patient of FOWH,

At Fair Oaks Women’s Health, we are taking the following additional steps to reduce the number of medical appointments and contacts.

Please see below previously announced changes and information:

On Saturday (March 14), Huntington Hospital notified all doctors that they will cancel and postpone all non-urgent surgery. Urgent usually means things like cancer, trauma, C/S and emergencies (like appendectomy).

Non-urgent usually means any surgery that can be delayed without danger to the patient. We will contact each patient scheduled for Gyn surgery after we determine if the hospital will cancel their procedure or allow it based on medical necessity. This DOES NOT affect scheduled C/S as these cannot be delayed.

Other Ob/Gyn Visits
If you do not have a problem requiring a doctor visit, we urge you to reschedule. The virus is being spread by people who have no symptoms. There is no 100% way to prevent exposure. Anyone could potentially have the virus and be contagious before symptoms show up.

We want everyone to maintain social distancing as much as possible. This is to help prevent you from getting infected and help others from accidentally getting infected by you. Call us to discuss whether or not you need to be seen urgently.

Many issues can be handled by phone such as hormone consults, reviewing test results, or discussing irregular periods. Vaginal infections and urinary infections can sometimes be managed by phone as well.

6 week post-op and post-partum check-ups
These will be cancelled and converted to telephone visits. Photos of your wounds can be sent to us if you have concerns about them.

To all 4-6 week Post-Partum Patients: Please click here and fill out this brief depression quiz. This will help us prepare for our phone call with you.
Send this to us any of the following ways:
  • email it (scan it or take a cell-phone pic) to:
  • fax it to: (626) 585-0695

VISITOR RESTRICTIONS - for the rest of March 2020
Out of an abundance of caution, in order to keep our waiting rooms less crowded, we have decided the following:
  • Pregnant Patients can bring ONE GUEST
  • Do not bring CHILDREN OR INFANTS - for their safety
  • Call us if you have a scheduled appointment and we will try and convert it to a scheduled phone call with a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner.

Well Women Exams
We need to reschedule ALL routine well-woman exams to June or later. We are seeing many no-shows, and many patients are cancelling routine check-ups in order to minimize possible exposure to the virus.

If you have a Gyn problem and wish to be seen, we will see you and help you with the problem. But the WW exam will have to be rescheduled. 

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