Update on Olga....Visit with Karen and Daniel....Fox News appearance!

NEWS FOR October 3, 2014


October 3, 2014


Dear Friends,


I think that my last update regarding Olga (see update of September 29, 2014) was so unbelievable that many subscribers eliminated the email as spam.  One friend contacted me to make sure that I had indeed sent the email.  A real situation like this is on the verge of being too difficult to believe that it could happen...and happen in the USA. 


Eddie and I have continued the advocacy work with Olga's case in the following ways:

1.  Eddie has spoken with the lawyer that was court appointed to Olga's case.  The lawyer admitted to Eddie that he works in the area of insurance law and knows very little about immigration law.  But he is willing to learn, and Eddie has found a teacher. Eddie is working with one of his immigration lawyer friends, Thelma, who has agreed to assist Olga's lawyer with the case.

2.  Through Eddie's connections we have information that (ironically) the coyote's attorney is on medical leave until mid-October.  When the case progresses to court with the return of his lawyer, we will find out if Olga is needed as a material witness.

3.  I am working with persons that I met in Corpus Christi regarding the Kingsville hospital's (and other hospitals in the system) response and future protocol. 

4.  We have a connection with a woman who has been an expert witness in domestic violence cases, and we will use her advice and experience as we move forward.

5.  I am in the process of completing paperwork and undergoing instructions in order to be able to visit persons in the detention center in Falfurrias.

It is slow, but we are moving forward.


Yesterday, Karen and her 10 year old son, Daniel, were brought to the jail in Falfurrias.  They are from Mexico.  Benny, the chief deputy decided not to separate the mother and son for the night, but the son could not stay in the jail because he is a minor.  Eddie lent the cot he had purchased for the Center and the two stayed in a lobby.  Today I was able to meet them both.  Daniel will be picked up by his grandparents today and will live with them out of state.  Karen will stay in the jail here.  Eddie was able to secure a lawyer for Karen.  This is not the normal course of events and it showed discretion on Benny's part based on his knowledge of the case.  Karen has been very teary, but she is grateful that she has been able to stay with her son.  The picture shows that they have been treated with care.


On another note.  On one of my first days at the South Texas Human Rights Center in Falfurrias, Eddie was not in the office when reporters from Fox News arrived.  Eddie told me to go ahead with the interview.  I had the support of several of the women who had come from St. John the Twenty-Third parish in Rossford, OH, who were learning about migrant border crossers in Falfurrias while on their trip to McAllen, TX, to serve at the immigrant assistance center at Sacred Heart Parish.  Well, that interview became part of a series of four segments on immigration.  The fourth segment was aired last evening.  The women and I are part of the segment.  You can view it here:  Interview with Fox News. 


Thank you for your continued support and prayers.  Please pray for our friends by name to our Good God.

Sr. Pam


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